Guest Post: Easy Fun Fish Craft and Game

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I’m Kim from Adventureswithsix. I am a mom of six kiddos, 3 girls and 3 boys. I am a proud Air Force Wife of 10 years and Homeschool mom for 5 years. I love crafting. I was very excited to have the opportunity to share my talents with you!


Easy Fun Fishy Craft and Game

Today was a fun day. I was lucky enough to get all 6 of the kiddos involved. Pippi (9), Jem (8), Bubbles (6), Duke (5), Pooh (2) and Baby Kermit (15 months). I am lucky to have a bunch that love to craft almost as much as I do. I think the fact that balloons were involved helped just a little.


Ocean Craft


Here’s what you need:

1 package of water balloons

assorted color permanent markers


1-gallon size ziploc bag

1 stick

1 plate

Ocean Crafts

First I let all the kids blow up a few water balloons. The younger ones and I used the balloon pump. The older 2 girls decided to try their hand at blowing them up by themselves. I think they did 1 each before using the pump.

Ocean Crafts

Next, they used permanent markers to draw faces, and fins onto the balloons. The kids had fun experimenting with different faces for each one. The girls made sure to add eyelashes and lip to theirs. While Duke and Pooh scribbled on mouths and eyes. The fins they drew came in different shapes and sizes. They were not happy until every balloon became a fish.

Ocean Crafts


Ocean Crafts image6

Then it was time to start making our fishing nets. They all made quick work of cutting the bottom out of their plate. Jem passed out the ziploc bags. The kids each put their bag through the middle of the plate and folded it over.

ocean crafts

The last to do was tape the stick to the plate and the bag. We used craft sticks because I had them in our craft cabinet. A stick from your yard will work just fine. The trick is to tape the front and back of the stick. For younger ones it would probably be best to use duct or masking tape.

ocean crafts

Once the kids each had a fishing net they were ready to play. They would fill the container full of fish. Then wait patiently for me to throw all the fish into the hair. They had a blast trying to catch as many fish in their nets as they could. If only I could get they to pick up their toys that fast!

ocean crafts

ocean crafts image11

ocean crafts


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  1. What a cute and fun idea! I think my daughter would have a blast playing this game. It might also make a great addition to her party as well.

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