{Free Printable} Farm Calendar Collection- Pocket Calendar Cards

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I’ve been working hard on re-vamping our circle time/morning meeting, and thought we needed some fabulous calendar cards for this summer.


These cards are sized to fit a standard pocket calendar. Simply print, laminate if you like (we have this fantastic, low price laminator), and enjoy!

In our home, I don’t put up all cards at the start of the month. Each numbered day card is placed on the correct date. For example, on the first, we would place the “1st” card, and then place “today and tomorrow” (they are sized to slip behind the card so you can read the words. On the second, I would have the kids guess the next animal (they are in a pattern) and tell me what the date should be. I would then put that card in the pocket, and we would move the “yesterday”, “today” and “tomorrow” cards to the correct places.

This pocket calendar cards set contains days of the week cards, a holiday cards for the Fourth of July, a birthday card, and blank cards for you to label your own special events. I hope you love them!

Get your own free copy:

You can check out all our printables at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Get the free July only version of the Farm Calender
Grab the Full Year version to use any month of the year for $4.00 USD.

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  1. Nicely done!

    Do you think they would need to be printed on card-stock if we don’t plan to laminate them? I’d hate to waste all that ink just to find them flopped over.

  2. These are really cool! Just wish I had one of those pocket calendars. That was one thing we decided we could do without financially. We do our calendar time with a chart I made on a posterboard where we just put today’s date. We just use a regular wall calendar to count out the dates.

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