My First Co-Op Lesson!

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Tomorrow is the first day of Wiesbaden’s home school spring co-op and I am teaching. THREE classes (eek!). I don’t know what I was thinking, this has been so much work!

One of the classes is an Artist Study, and for the first lesson we will be looking at Paul Cezzane. Check out our lesson:

                      Artist Study, Week 1: Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)
French Post-Impressionist

Art rule of the day:
“Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.”- Cezanne

Fun Facts:

  1. His father was a banker, and wanted his son to grow up to be a lawyer or banker. NOT an artist. Cezanne even went to law school, but eventually left school to follow his dream of being an artist. This upset his father, and they stayed mad at each other for years. Eventually, Cezanne’s father forgave him, and gave him a large inheritance enough money to never have to worry about money again!
  2. Cezanne had two best friends, an artist and a writer who encouraged him to follow his dreams. They were known as “les trois inséparables” (the three inseparables) in school.
  3. Cezanne painted very, very slowly, using small strokes because he wanted every little stroke he made to capture the very life of the object he was painting. Some paintings would take him as many as 150 sessions of sitting down to paint to finish the picture.



To paint like Cezanne: Use a model you can see, touch and smell for inspiration!  Your art does not have to look perfectly like the model. Today your goal is to sketch an outline, and then use tempera paint to fill in the page. Use small strokes like Cezanne, and make sure you cover the whole page with color. At home, you can use crayons to fill in any more detail you would like in your artwork.


I’ll be back tomorrow to put up pictures of the art we created in class!

(lesson idea thanks to,, and my awesome Gramie)



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