Field Trip Friday- Leonardo da Vinci

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“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. ”
– Leonardo da Vinci

While in Italy, I wanted to make sure we made time to do something just for the kids, and the Da Vinci Museum in Venice was just the place to let them have a little fun. We visited the museum on the rainiest day we were in town, and spent a long time exploring his creations.

We have only briefly learned about Da Vinci before we left (we have some of his sketches up on the wall, but that’s about it). This museum left us all wanting to learn more. Bug and Mr. Man were both thrilled to see his inventions, and I loved that they could both touch and manipulate them to see how they worked.

davinci (5)

A self-propelled cart
davinci (6)

The Portable Pianodavinci (4)

Skis to walk on waterdavinci (3)

A mirrored room- Little Miss was fascinated! davinci (2)

I don’t even remember what this was….. I think it was to flatten metal.

I was really surprised to see the variety of things Da Vinci made- talk about a genius! There were weapons, machine guns, robotic components, a tank, a bridge, a bicycle, flying machines, anatomy research…. there was just so MUCH! We’re using this field trip as a jumping off point for a more in depth study of Da Vinci before we head back to Italy using Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself.

Field Trip Friday

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