Field Trip Friday: Feeding the Birds in Piazza San Marco

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Feeding Pigeons and letting them land on your head is probably one of the most touristy things one can do in Venice. I was not about to miss it. I knew my kids would love the birds in Piazza San Marco, and I wanted so badly to get that “money shot” of the bird on the boy’s heads.

These birds don’t mess around. The birds in Piazza San Marco have some sort of radar for food. My friends warned me they wouldn’t want anything other than the corn/seed mixture the vendors sell in the square, but it was off-season. The vendors were not there, and lucky for us, the birds thought they were starving. A bag of grocery store cookies went over quite well with our fine feathered friends. venice5

Little Miss immediately morphed into the bird whisperer. She mimics their coo better than any of us. She spent most of her time in the square walking like a zombie, and cooing at the birds in the hopes that she could catch one.

venice (2)

I attempted to feed them first, with the misplaced hope that I would be able to show the kids how easy and not scary it was. Who am I kidding, I’ve seen The Birds. They are terrifying! Especially as they all fly at your head at once.


My eyes were only open for a second for fear of eye-gouging. Luckily, Hubby was able to get this shot in the brief moment I appeared somewhat calm.

venice (6)

The birds at Piazza San Marco even do tricks!

venice (3)Aren’t they neat?

venice (5)

Mr. Man was the bravest of all of us. He gladly “captured” a bird and kept him fat and happy.

venice (4)
Once Little Miss became frustrated with the birds running away from her, we used the stroller and some Daddy Magic to get her own birdies to feed. She liked them much better when SHE was chasing them!

Field Trip Friday

We’re calling this one a Homeschool lesson on fun.
(I didn’t even make them write a report on pigeons when we got home, be proud people, be proud.)


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  1. What a fun shot of the two birds standing on top of each other!

    Okay, so I have to ask the obvious question – How often did you hear someone squeal because a bird um… soiled them? That would be my biggest fear in visiting there.

    1. You know, I really expected to be pooped on. We all got away clean! I didn’t notice anyone else getting messed on either. 😀

    1. Thanks so much for coming by and the sweet complement! I’ll come by your blog and link up 🙂 I keep meaning to get a blog button together, so I’ll get on it and we’ll trade. I hope you come by again sometime!

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