Easy and Cute Alpaca Craft

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Did you know that, in addition to providing soft and warm fleece, alpacas actually make nice pets (don’t tell your kids!) Alpacas are generally considered to be very pleasant, quiet and relatively clean farm animals. Plus they are pretty cute! If you are studying alpacas, or farm animals, with your kids, we thinking you’ll enjoy this Cute and Easy Alpaca Craft!

Recently, we also shared an adorable Alpaca Activities Set that is well-suited to kids between kindergarten and second grade. That set would go great with today’s craft, so be sure to grab it, too!

What You’ll Need for This Craft:

1. Embossed craft paper
2. Colored craft papers
3. Glitter craft paper
4. Pencil
5. Pen
6. Scissors
7. Craft glue

You will also want to grab the printable template to make this craft easier! There is a link for it at the bottom of this article!

How to Make this Craft:

To get started, you’ll cut out patterns from the provided template (found by clicking the link at the bottom of this article). Trace the main body outline, tail and the hair piece (AKA the cloud-like pattern) of the alpaca onto embossed craft paper for a fun, fluffy texture.

Next, you can trace the rest of the pattern onto the craft paper, using whatever colors you like. However, you will want to keep in mind that the circle cut out will be the face of the alpaca, so make sure to use a lighter colored paper.

Attach the circle (the face) onto the circular part of the body cutout, so that the alpaca’s face is centered in the middle of it’s “furry” (embossed) head.  Then glue the outer (larger) ear patterns onto the top of the head.

Next, glue the the inner ear (the smaller ones) cutouts inside the outer ear patterns. Attach the oval-shaped cutout onto the lower part of your alpaca’s face to form the nose, as shown below. You can also attach the alpaca’s cute little fluffy “hair piece” in front!

Now that your alpaca is pretty much done, you can work on the colorful saddle. Kids will enjoy being creative as they personalize this part! Trace and cut out the saddle pattern in your color of choice, and then decorate it! You may want to cut out smaller shapes (like tiny circles, teardrops or hearts) to glue onto your saddle, or use glitter glue, tiny pom-poms, ect. Have fun!

To create the saddle pictured below, I cut out and arranged some simple shapes using both glitter paper and some regular craft paper.

When your saddle is complete, use glue attach it to the back of your alpaca! Lastly, use a pen to draw some features onto your alpaca. For a little extra fun, ask your child to think about if they want their alpaca to look happy, sad, confused, or silly! Then have them try to capture that expression. We went with a super contented, happy little alpaca.

Once this step is done, your alpaca is complete! Don’t forget to grab your printable template below!

Click Here to Grab Your Alpaca Craft Template!

And you may also want grab this cute, alpaca-themed activities set to go along with your craft!

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