Design and Drill: Tools for Tots {Educational Insights Review}

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I’m a sucker for new toys, especially educational toys. Recently I was sent a Design & Drill {Socket To Me} tool set for the kids from Educational Insights, and we have been having a blast with it.

Design and Drill

The Design & Drill set basically puts real tools into your child’s hands (in a totally safe way of course). This particular set comes with one socket wrench, a bunch of brightly colored plastic bolts, and 4 different plastic shapes with holes for the bolts (a rocket ship, robot, boat and race car). The holes are threaded so you can’t just shove the bolts in (like with some tool sets from other brands)- you really have to screw those bad boys in.


The socket wrench is the coolest part of the kit.  It is exactly like the one in my tool box, right down to the clicky sounds it makes and the little switch to change it’s direction (so you can unscrew the bolts with it also).


One of the things I really like about this toy is that it’s wonderful for little ones working on fine motor skills. This has kids pinching, and twisting, and lining up the bolts, and really working to get the pieces screwed into their spots. There are no batteries needed here- just some hard (and fun!) work. My youngest two are lefties, and definitely need that fine motor work, and both were able to get the hang of this toy fast.


What is really funny to me is even my oldest got into the fun. This toy is marketed to 4+ due to it’s small parts presenting a chocking hazard for kids under 3. Over here, I have a three year old playing under supervision, a 6 year old, and an 8 year old who is playing when he thinks no one is looking.

DSC_0920 Getting his turn in while the Littles aren’t looking

This Design and Drill {Socket to Me} toy retails for 21.00 at Educational Insights. In the same line, there is a Design and Drill set with a power drill, which looks pretty sweet. I would love to see this company come out with more construction sets like this one in the future- I know I’ll be keeping my eye on them!


Enter to Win

Y’all know I love when companies offer giveaways along with reviews, so I can share the fun with you too! This time, Educational Insights has been kind enough to offer one Design and Drill set for a lucky winner. Use the raffle copter below to enter to win. US only please.

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  1. This is my first time checking out the blog. What a great toy! Just what we’ve been looking for (blog and toy). 🙂

  2. So glad I found your blog this morning , it’s already been a huge help – anyway awesome giveaway !

  3. I love your blog and this set looks amazing, my daughter just got a plastic set with a hammer and screw driver but they dont have ratchet action like this 🙂

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