What’s in the Box? Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool

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Yesterday was a good mail day! We received a big box from Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool containing the Science 2 Complete Program. Science is the most loved subject in our house, so I can’t wait to add this program into our daily routine. I have a big review planned for this program, so I will get all the details on how it works (and how it’s working for us!) in the next couple weeks. The kids are just SO excited and ready to dig in; so while I make you wait for the full review, let’s play “What’s in the Box!” Nancy Larson Science Box Day
A more appropriate game would be “What’s not in the box.” Nancy Larson Science is neat because everything you need is provided from the start. I love that I won’t need to round up any supplies to teach this program. Everything is included, from big things, like the workbook, to supplies for experiments, books to read, even picture resources for the lessons. You can’t see every element here- the kit comes with: Magnets (cow, horseshoe, bar and ring magnets), a bucket balance, a hexagram mass set, a beaker, hand lens, a hardness collection mineral set, mica sample, granite sample, ballon, toy car, sandpaper, wooded stirrer, nails, screws, wooden wedge, packing peanuts, meter stick, pulley and cord, prism, xylophone, rubber bands, owl pellets, bone sorting chart, wooden probe, and three books: Backyard Birds, Common Birds and their Songs, and Birds, Nest and Eggs.

Nancy Larson Science 2 excitement! They were too excited to look at the camera. I don’t blame them!

The kids are already about crawling out of their skin with excitement. This year, with Science 2, we will learn about:

  • The Physical Properties of Matter
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Forces and Work
  • Simple Machines
  • Sound and Light
  • Birds

The materials in the box are all high quality and child friendly. I love that the materials themselves have the kids excited to learn. They want to know WHY we have a xylophone in the box, and what the prism does, and “please oh please can we dissect the owl pellets today?”

That right there, is homeschool gold. Excited to learn kids. Easy to teach program. Check and Check.

They sent us two student workbooks, so I can combine both Bug and Mr. Man with this program. They also provided me with a list of “Literature Connections” which has additional reading by lesson to give Bug the added information he craves. He’s the kind of kid who reads the science encyclopedia for fun, so the reading list is going to be well loved by him!

Nancy Larson Science 2
The kids couldn’t wait to get started, so we jumped right in today with the first lesson. The teachers manual is formatted to make teaching easy- I had everything I needed right here! The lessons are scripted, so its as simple as opening up the manual to the lesson you are on, grabbing the listed supplies from your box of goodies, and following along with the conversation. The kids student materials make it easy for the kids to follow along too! I didn’t need to prepare anything, and just taught right out of the box. The first lesson taught the kids what a scientist is, and had them outside on a nature walk making observations about their environment.


A good start for Science Class- an outdoor adventure!

I’ll be taking a ton of notes (and even more pictures) as we get started so I can give you a really complete picture of how this program works. I’m pretty excited about it, because I need science to be complete and ready to go for it to really get done on a regular basis, and considering I was able to teach the first day with no fuss, I just know this is going to be a fantastic fit for my busy family. This program is as open and go as science gets! The kids couldn’t be more excited about it.

Our review will be posting at the end of the month, but if you come up with any questions about Nancy Larson Science in the meantime, please leave a comment or pass me a note!



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    1. We’re very excited, your review of Science 1 is what talked me into checking out Nancy Larson Science in the first place! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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