Constructive Playthings Giant Crystal Connectors {Review and 50 Dollar Giveaway!}

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These days, the kids just love toys they can use their imagination with. They love to build things, and will sit for hours making towers and other awesome creations. I was so thrilled when Constructive Playthings contacted me about reviewing one of their wonderful toys because I just knew we would receive something the kids would love. Their Giant Crystal Connectors are an instant favorite in our house!

Constructive Playthings was started 60 years ago by a woman who wanted to provide high quality, educational toys to early childhood educators. Today, the company carries everything from teacher supplies, to toys for dramatic play, sand and water toys, musical instruments and more.

The Giant Crystal Connectors are awesome- they are about 4 inches wide, and are made of a thick plastic. To build with them, you slide them together on their notched sides. They have 8 notches per disk, so they can be arranged in any way imaginable.

Perfect toys for little hands!

I love that they are simple enough for Little Miss to use. The size is just right for her hands, and she learned quickly to slide them together. The plastic is sturdy enough to hold up to her manipulating it, but it’s also flexible enough that she can’t break the disks even when she pushes hard on them.

50 dollar giveaway!

This week, She played with this toy more than any others. She loves to stack them up, separate them by colors (they come in red, yellow, blue and green), and help her brothers build towers. She calls them her “money”, I think because of the clicking nose they make when she caries them in her basket

She really did not want to share them with her brothers, so she keeps “sneaking” her basket of disks off to her room. Luckily, she’s not as sneaky as she things she is, and I know she’s in there because I can hear them clicking as she gleefully shouts “MONEY!”

Giant Crystal Connectors Bug and Mr. Man got a kick out of this toy too. Bug spent most of his week working on making perfectly symmetrical creations- no easy task once he realized that the angle of the connection could be manipulated which made things a little lopsided. He loves a challenge though, and still has not grown tired of the Giant Crystal Connectors.

I can’t believe how much fun these Giant Crystal Connectors are!  They are recommended for ages 3+, and are 32.99 from Constructive Playthings.

Constructive Playthings has been kind enough to offer my readers a 15% discount this week at their online shop (code not for use on sale items, Playmobil, Thomas the train, or Lego) AND they are hosting a giveaway for a 50 dollar gift card!

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Enter to win a 50 Dollar Giftcard from Constructive Playthings to be used in their online store. This is a fantastic way to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and put high quality, educational toys under the tree!

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  1. Hard to pick! Anything like what you showed–to build with that keeps little ones creatively busy for a long time. Would love Legos!

  2. My big boys are edging out of Legos, and my littles are too small for them. I like open ended playthings like playsilks and blocks and art supplies.

  3. Action Alphabet & the Giant Crystal Connectors have been on our wish list for a long time. I love that the connectors are too big for my autistic son to try and eat. Everything goes straight to his mouth.

  4. LEGOs and train tracks. As my kids are getting older, I’m limiting their toys (and hopefully presents from grandparents) to collection toys, like LEGOs, trains, blocks, etc. Things we can add to and just keep together and sort quickly when clean up time comes.

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