Co-Op Planning

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I want to have an awesome well thought out post for you today…. but instead, all you’re going to get is this picture of my dining table.


Tomorrow, the Co-Op starts and I am *so* excited. So much planning and time and effort goes into it, and honestly, I can’t wait for the planning to be done and the fun to start. The Co-Op is the highlight of my homeschool year, because there is nothing more fun than seeing all the homeschool kids hanging out together, and getting to spend one day a week with my friends!

We have a super talent group of homeschool parents here, and they are teaching everything from dissection, to public speaking, Dave Ramsey’s finance, knitting and spinning, science, a lego based class… and SO much more. I feel so lucky to know all of them, and get to put my kids in their classes!

Wish me luck tomorrow, I think I have all the schedules, and maps, and lists of duties…. not to mention lesson plans for the Public Speaking class I am teaching with a friend. I hope I’m not forgetting anything!



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