Field Trip Friday: HMS Belfast, Imperial War Museums

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When the kids and I were in London, we stopped by the HMS Belfast to continue our studies of WWII. This warship has a long history of time in service before it was retired. HMS Belfast was there for D-Day, and may have fired the first shot. These days, this museum is an amazing way to experience what life is like on a warship.

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The ship is amazingly child friendly, and has many volunteers on board who are happy to help children don a captains hat and tell them all about the ship and life on board. I loved trailing behind the boys as they explored the ship. They were really interested in seeing how the men would sleep in hammocks above the tables.

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My favorite part was visiting the boiler room- It was a MAZE of machinery, and I can’t imagine having to maintain it! The whole ship was a little small, a little crowded, and a little stuffy…. but it’s nothing compared to what the 1000+ men must have experienced. I’m so glad we visited!

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Field Trip Friday If you go to visit the HMS Belfast: Do not bring strollers, as there is no way to move along the 9 decks with one. The stairs are more like ladders, and if you have small children, it’s best to have one adult per child to help them navigate. There is a small snack and coffee shop on the ship, which is good, because you probably need a good 3-4 hours to really explore the ship. This is a good visit to combine with either the London Eye, or Shakespeare Globe, as they are all pretty close to each other.

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