Teaching Kids to Write Letters

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These days, the kids have been writing a ton of letters. They love being able to send out a note in the mailbox, and get especially excited to get letters back. I personally am pretty excited about their new found love of snail mail too! It means that the kids are sitting down to write each day without me having to poke and prod them!

Teaching children to love writing

Encouraging Kids to Write Letters

I have learned to keep a stock of letter writing supplies in easy access of the kids. We have a whole bunch of cards for every occasion, as well as plain stationery, all ready to go. We also keep pens, crayons, stickers, a list of addresses and stamps (when I am not totally out of stamps) with the cards so the kids can take full responsibility for the process.


Walmart is a great place to go to stock up on cards so you can make a letter writing box for your kids. They are the only store that has Hallmark cards starting at 47 cents, which is exactly the kind of deal you need when you have a bunch of kids who love sending letters!

image1 image2

So many pretty options! (also, lesson learned, don’t try and buy a stack of cards with four kids under 10 who are way to excited for their own good. Just don’t. Or maybe stick them in the cart first…)

What’s in a Letter?

Once you have the cards, you have to get them writing! If you kids are anything like mine, it won’t take much to get them going. They see the stack of cards, read the messages, and know right away who gets which card. Sometimes, the kids do need some help deciding what to write.

DSC_0487 DSC_0486 DSC_0492

I use a very basic format to help the kids get started with letter writing.

  • Write the date on the top right-hand side of the page
  • Start the letter with “Dear ____________,”
  • Ask the person how they are doing
  • Mention one thing you remember from the last time you spoke/saw the person about them or what they have been doing.
  • Fill the person in on the things that have happened to you since the last time you saw them/spoke to them
  • Ask a relevant question
  • Close with plans- when will you speak/see the person/write them again? Do you hope to hear back from them?

I don’t actually hand my children this list and I recognize that it isn’t always the best fit for every letter writing situation, but this is the basic outline I keep in mind as we talk through the process together. I’m always happy to coach them along as they write when they ask, especially if they get stuck and aren’t sure what to say next.

Once they are all written, it’s Bug’s job to make sure the addresses are correct, and then it’s off to the mailbox they go!

DSC_0498 Teaching Children to Write Letters

Cards for Special Occasions

Sometimes, the cards don’t even need mailed. This week, Mr. Man turned seven, so of course Bug and Little Miss just had to make him a card. I brought out the fancy cards for his special day, so the kids each picked a ©2015 MARVEL Avengers card for him. The cards come with cute extras to make them even more fun, like light up buttons, musical watches, posters, stickers and masks.

DSC_0339 DSC_0350 DSC_0357


We wrapped up his presents in matching Hallmark ©2015 MARVEL Avengers wrapping paper, and hung some decorations, and then surprised Mr. Man with a family party. He got some toys, and a giant chocolate cake, but his favorite part was the musical “watch” that came on the card Little Miss gave him because it made him “feel like Superman!” The kids loved putting together the party almost as much as Mr. Man liked being surprised by it!

DSC_0415 DSC_0411 DSC_0386

I just love seeing how happy the kids are to give and get letters in the mail (and from each other)!

Do your kids enjoy writing letters and receiving cards? Check out other ideas for using Hallmarks cards starting at 47 cents at Walmart, and see more ©2015 MARVEL Avengers birthday ideas at the Social Hub.

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  1. Great post! These kiddos are getting so big! We’re excited to start writing a story with great grandma by mail.

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