The Best Actually Free Apps for Kids

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It’s official. My kids have reached the age where me calling out “Kids, it’s time for school!” is answered with moans and groans and the gnashing of teeth. I suppose that I knew that their infatuation with learning wouldn’t last forever, but I had hoped that we would at least get to November before the new school year charm wore off.

It’s time to get creative in our house, so we are bringing out all of our “make school fun” stops. We have audiobooks and computer  games and educational TV shows, and my personal favorite, TONS of apps that teach the kids while they play.

Thanks to Amazon Underground, my kids have access to tons of apps that are ACTUALLY free- meaning they won’t end up begging me to purchase extra levels, lives, coins, or whatever craziness typical “free” apps ask you to buy once you download. (Yeah, I am over all of that noise). There aren’t any surprises or disappointments after the app is installed. The kids can just PLAY *cough- and learn -cough*



Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object

This is a fun logic game where your little ones will solve crimes in Zootopia by investigating crime scenes, checking out suspects and more.



Drawing Cartoons FULL

This drawing app will help your kids to become cartoon artists in no time! It’s Doodle’s new favorite app.

Math Run

This app combines video games with math facts practice. Your child can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without even knowing they are learning.

Phonics and Reading with McGuffy 

I’ve trusted McGuffy phonics readers for years to give my little kids the extra practice they need to master early reading skills- and I LOVE that the kids can use McGuffy in app form now!

Planet Genesis 

This is a really fun app for any kids who love space. Kids can explore our solar system, and even make their own. I love that there are also satellites shown in the app- Hubby has spent time working with them in the past, and the kids love seeing them in action in the app after hearing so much about them from their Dad.

GeoFlight USA81ryftj6yol

This geography game will teach your kids the states and capital in a jiffy. This game is fun and interactive- you can teach your kids geography without ever resorting to flashcards!



Connect Dots: In The Zoo

This app has been a huge hit with my kindergartener. It’s wonderful for practicing the alphabet and counting.

Monument Valley61hmbjxoqbl

I was so excited to find Monument Valley in the Amazon Underground store- I feel like I paid a pretty penny for this app for my phone, and it’s one of my favorite puzzle games. The logic puzzles are very challenging and the graphics are beautiful. This one is sure to be a hit with your family.


Spell Bot

No educational app list would be complete without a spelling app! This one is a favorite of my boys and gives them plenty of spelling and vocabulary practice.

81bpn2jfblElmo Loves 123s

This app is Peanut’s favorite of the batch. I can bring the Kindle Fire out while the big kids are working on their math, and have him sit at the table with us (instead of off tearing apart the bedrooms like toddlers are known to do). I love knowing that he is learning something while playing on the tablet.

1024x500_frozen_freefall_icy_shot Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot 

Little Miss is very excited about anything Frozen, but is especially excited about this new puzzle app by the makers of Disney’s #1 app. This app is high energy, with snowballs to throw and plenty of boosters to keep things exciting! I’m surprised it’s free!

These apps are just a small selection of the awesome games and educational programs available. You can get Amazon Underground apps on newer Kindle Fire Tablets (2012 and later) or on Android devices.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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