Weekly Wrap Up {Week 3}

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Sorry for the double post today- I really wanted to get the fall pack out to you today, but this post was supposed to be done yesterday. Instead of blogging, I got sucked into a pretty darn good book and totally neglected you. I realized really late at night that I hadn’t posted, and for a second I thought about heading to the computer to get it done, and then went right back into reading instead. Whoops.

So- this week!

I got to hang out a lot with this awesome momma, and be a part of this awesome birth.

Happy Birthday Charlotte! from Britney Brown on Vimeo.

And, I pretty much spent the week sleepwalking through the days for missing a lot of sleep for that adorable little lady.

While I was a zombie, Bug did most of his school on the computer using Time 4 Learning. I flippin’ LOVE Time 4 Learning. I was checking his records last night to see what all he did this week. He did lots of math (and needs more practice with estimation), tons of language arts (he really likes the lessons on figures of speech), and TONS of science (magnets, food chain, habitats, and some space lessons). He went to school for PE and Spanish this week and did his two hours of Dance, and had swim lessons. He already is learning to do some strokes, and is catching on really, really quickly. Oh! And he had his Middle Ages class with Bridgeway academy, and hasn’t started his homework yet, so I better get on that!

Mr Man and weird seed

Mr. Man did some math with Dreambox, and spent the week with his nose in books. He attended school 3 days this week for two hours each day. He is loving that he gets to go for recess and still be a homeschool kid. He isn’t thrilled about having to go for lunch, because I make him eat hot lunch when he would rather have peanut butter sandwiches every day. I’m hoping soon he’ll get used to (and start to love) the variety the school serves! He had tap class, and swim lessons too. He’s a stubborn, independent one, so he isn’t learning as fast because he insists on “teaching himself” to swim. He’ll watch the teacher, but doesn’t really want to work with her, unless it’s racing her across the pool. I still see TONS of improvement in his skills though, and he’s having a ball, so I can’t ask for much more!


Little Miss is still insane. And adorable. The good thing about me being so tired this week, is I get to cuddle with her at naptime. I loved my week of baby snuggles!


Field Trip day was kind of a bust, due to my sleepwalking, I forgot to check the hours of the apple picking place before we left home, and we arrived when they were closed. We had a back up plan, but it wasn’t much to write home about. Next week, we’ll try again with bigger and better plans.

A new art class session started this week, and we spent the day learning about Matisse and “painting with scissors.” I was able to pack a lot into the hour with such a fabulous group of kids. Some of my favorite past students are back, and there are a bunch of sweet new faces too. We learned about positive and negative space, collage, composition, and mosaics too. It was awesome!

In other news around here (and things you wouldn’t have missed if we were buddies on Facebook! *ahem, come be my buddy!), I have an article up in the new Living Education magazine from Oak Meadow. You should totally go read it and tell me you loved it- because I was really nervous about submitting it! They always have such good stuff in the magazine, and I didn’t want to let them down!

Living Education I’ve got your backyard science covered!

And, I made these donuts yesterday- combined with this chocolate frosting recipe. We ate all two dozen of them, and I may have gained 20 lbs, but it was worth it.


That was our week! How was yours?

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