Veterans Day: Luxembourg American Military Cemetery

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This week, we were blessed to join the Air Force Sergent’s Association at Luxembourg American Military Cemetery to help prepare it for the Veterans Day ceremony taking place today. We loaded the kids up in the car at the crack of dawn, and headed to Luxembourg to get to work.

1463201_10202306927135823_1302339055_nSome Honorable Veterans, and my family.

We started the morning by meeting with a man who gave us a beautiful tour of the grounds. We were given a crash course into WWII and the battle of the bulge, and then stopped to hear about General Patton, the two Medal of Honor Recipients, and the one woman resting there, a beautiful nurse who was killed in an auto accident.


I wish I had more to say about each of them, but I was too humbled to take notes. Be assured that they were, without a doubt, amazing people. Luxembourg is a beautiful, and haunting cemetery. It’s terrible to see so many white stones, row on row, especially knowing these men are only a fraction of the good people lost in conflict. These stones represent fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters….. people who gave all.

The Bells…. Beautiful

It’s terrible.

And, I am so grateful for them.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to serve them, alongside a group of active duty members who could have been putting their feet up for veterans day. The cemetery is very well kept, so I worried there wasn’t much we could do. We spent our time there polishing the brass. I wish there was more we could have done to say thank you.


Today, I am thankful to be here with my own veteran, my amazing husband. I am grateful for the service of my ex-husband, and my boy’s other dad. I am proud to be a part of a family who served honorably in the Air Force, Army Air Corps, Navy and Marines across as many generations. I am honored to know dozens of veterans, who tend to shrug off the thanks, but deserve every last pat on the shoulder they receive today. I am especially humbled to live at a time where I can stand in this field, free and happy, thanks to their service.

Have a Blessed Veteran’s Day.


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