Updated Home Library Book Labels- For Elementary and High School

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Home library organization

After a couple months of use, and people asking for more home library book labels for upper grades, I am happy to release a new EXPANDED version of the Home Library Labels, with even more topics for older grade students!

Get your own free library organization system- for all grades!

I didn’t change any of the colors or labels for younger grades, I simply expanded the set, so now hopefully you have everything you need to label ALL your kids school books- from K-12th grades.

As always, if I am still missing a category you need, feel free to message me. I am happy to take suggestions into consideration, and love to make your life easier, so let me know! I am hoping that between the 82 categories you have now, most of you will be covered.

The High School Labels do not come with the picture cue shelf cards. I just put the basic color label on the shelf for these books, since the kids using them know how to read.

Check them out here:

Free Elementary Home and Classroom Library Organization System
The Big Daddy Home and Classroom Library Organization System

The Original How-To:

I spent all week organizing our “school library”. We have a ton of books, but in the past, I haven’t been able to use them as well as I like because they end up all mixed up. As soon as I had them all on the shelves in a way that made sense to me, the kids would tote them off where they would end up tangled in their sheets or under their beds, or behind the couch cushions.

Home Library Organization Nice and Neat!

I came up with this system as a way for me to keep the books organized, and put the responsibility of maintaining that organization back on the kids. I divided the books by topic, and then labeled each of them so they have color coded spines. Now, all the books are together by topic,so if I want to do a unit study on Dinosaurs, I can easily find all the Dino book….. or weather, or rocks, or African folktales- it’s all there.


The kids are able to put the books away in order too, because all they need to do is match the spine color. I added color coordinating labels to the shelf with picture images to help the kids (even the non-readers) find what they are looking for quickly.

Shelf Labels
Picture labels for shelves coordinate with spine colors for easy matching

I have high hopes this will work for us!

To make and attach your labels: I printed them on regular copy paper, cut them out with a paper cutter, and attached them with clear packaging tape at the bottom of the spine. Easy peasy!

(the template I used is 2.625 x 1 and claims to fit this size address labels. I don’t have access to those labels to give it a try on my printer, so proceed with caution! 😉 But, publisher claims it should work!)

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  1. Those are super cute! I’m doing ambleside so I just put a sticker on each and number based on which year it is read in, but I love these for our bazillion “extra” books!

  2. I know I am a little late, but the download link doesn’t appear to be working for Home Library Book Labels for Home Library- Expanded High School Version and
    Home Library Book Organization Pack- Original with Non-Reader Shelf Labels. I would like these. Could you assist or repair the link? Thank you for your time.

    1. Diane- I am having to move all my files off site, which means I have a new teachers pay teachers store for downloads. All my files are needing to be reformatted to fit their restrictions and rules. This file is top of my list, and is almost done. I am hoping to have it up by the end of the week. To get notified when it is up, please follow us on Facebook or Subscribe by Email. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and leaving me a note!

  3. Thank you for making these library labels available! I’m wondering how you decide what category to put the books in? I tend to get myself all bogged down figuring out what category to use! For instance, I have a collection of “Getting to know the Greatest composers / artists. My first instinct is to put them in “Music” and “Art”; but they could go in “Biography” but the library info in the books say “Juvenile Fiction”. What would you suggest.

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