Technology Keeps Me Sane {Why I am glad I wasn’t a military wife 50 years ago}

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This story is sponsored by Dell, whose computers help keep my family connected no matter the distance.

It’s been a year and a half since we left Germany. I count most of our time now as the amount of time since I last had schnitzel and heard church bells. I think I’ve probably turned into that annoying person who has a million versions of the same story, and they all start with “when we were in Germany” . . .

We’ve been here a year and a half. I’ve never, ever, struggled this much to fit in. I’ve never struggled so much to find friends and a community. Just now, I am starting to meet people and develop face to face relationships, but it’s been hard. This is the first assignment where we have lived off base. This assignment is also more difficult than our previous duty stations thanks to a very, very busy Ops Tempo (non-military, read: he is gone, a lot).

I’m lonely most of the time, especially during the holiday season, in the traditional sense.

Keeping Connected as a Military Family

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately debating the pro’s and con’s of today’s technology. Is it ruining marriages? Are relationships crumbling? Is the English language dying a slow and painful death at the hands of emoji’s and acronyms?

I don’t know.

But here is what I do know: I feel so unbelievably #blessed (har har har) to be a military spouse in this day and age. Technology is the one thing that keeps me sane most days. My computer and my smartphone have become my lifeline.

Technology is what helps me keep my Husband in the loop, even if he was out of town for all but one of Bug’s baseball games this year. I can pull up the video on my phone, and he can watch his turn at bat live.  Technology is is how grandma and grandpa can watch the kids open presents on Christmas morning though our laptop’s webcam, even when we were nine hours ahead in Germany.

Technology is what I turn to when I am having a hard day. This last TDY was a nightmare. I’m not going to lie, that darn Murphey was out to get me in the worst way. The second night we were alone, I woke up to a baby with a fever of 104, and with a quick post on social media, I was able to find someone to watch my kids, to keep me company at the emergency room, and I even had people offering to bring me dinner.

That’s the magical thing about technology. Many of my friends are women who I have never met. But I know they will be there for me, no matter what. We have been able to connect over homeschooling, or military life, or the kids… and as much as I wish I could have them over for a glass of wine and some Christmas cookies, I wouldn’t trade our online friendships for the world.

I wouldn’t trade today’s technology for the world.

As a military family, we really need technology we can count on, and my Dell computer has helped us stay connected through our assignment overseas, and during TDYs.

Next time you need a new computer, consider Dell. Military members get the best perks and prices including up to 30% off Dell PCs electronics and accessories. Overseas friends, they even ship (with a military discount) to APO addresses! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MSB New Media & on behalf of Dell. The opinions and text are all mine.

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