Intentional Parenting- A Book Review

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Intentional Parenting: Autopilot Is for Planes is about helping you as a parent to empower your children, rather than a parenting book focused on fixing the child. The description says “The book helps you discover first who you are and then takes that healthy person into a discovery of being more intentional, playful, consistent, merciful, and connected to your children.” Each chapter focuses on different traits a parent should strive to be, such as being patient, grown-up, balanced, consistent, playful, connected, encouraging, spiritual, merciful, hopeful and free.

I really appreciated this approach, because it put the responsibility firmly on my shoulders. I can’t change the kind of person my child is. I can’t make decisions for them. This book focuses on the idea that you can only change your own behavior. I feel like this is one of the few parenting books that really give the reader tangible advice and tools to succeed in parenting. Many parenting books these days focus on either fixing the child, or give bible quotes as the only means of help and support. This book still shares biblical wisdom, but it does so hand in hand with actual advice and steps you can take as a parent to parent “intentionally”.

Intentional Parenting is a great read, and a book I will be keeping on my bookshelf to refer back to as my children grow and challenge me to be a better, more intentional mother.
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