Early Elementary Science Online {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

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I am super excited to share this review with you guys. One of the questions I get most often from people is what science programs are available. More importantly, people want an easy-to-teach, complete program for young kids. is a new website from the creators of VocabularySpellingCity. The Online Subscription has lesson plans, video lessons, interactive games and assignments, and printable lessons and worksheets that form a complete curriculum for kids in grades Kindergarten to Second Grade.

Science4Us Review
What is the online subscription? is an online subscription program that covers K-2 science. It covers these broad units:

  • Science Tools
  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Living Things
  • Balance in Nature
  • Earth
  • Space

With lots, and lots of subunits in there. Each lesson includes a video or interactive lesson, games, online activities, printable “offline” lessons, and worksheets. Student Screen- Review

You can use this program two ways. You can simply let your child sign in and let them explore the topics on their own, or you can use the teachers page to make assignments, print off lesson plans for activities offline, and worksheets to supplement the online lessons. The kids love the lessons, and call this program their science game. Its very interactive- to learn about force, they played a game of “put put” to practice how much force it would take to get the ball in the right place. Everything is very purposeful, and very fun!

It’s easy to set up the assignments- you simply sign into the teacher area, pick a subject area, and then select which activities you want to assign. I have been assigning one unit at a time, and when I do that, I print the daily lesson plans, and supplemental worksheets.

Teachers Page

The lessons include a worksheet option for all three grade levels (K, 1 and 2) so I can print the appropriate one for the boys and give them each the challenge they need. It’s fantastic that I can combine them so easily, and still have differing worksheets.

How worked for us

I’m a little in love with this program. We have been using it as a supplement to our main curriculum, so I have been scheduling coordinating units online to go with what we have been studying “in class.” This has been just wonderful for the boys! They are able to log in each day, and watch the videos, and play the games while reenforcing the things I taught the day before.

Sometimes, I let the kids just go into the books to choose whatever topic interested them that day. Bug loved being able to explore his own interests on the program, and has learned a ton playing around. He asks to use this website more than any of the others we have access to.


Both kids do a pretty good job of following the instructions and learning from the website, although Bug has a much easier time than Mr. Man. The lessons have a workspace area where kids use a mouse or touch pad to draw on the screen and answer questions and he physically struggled to be able to make it work well enough to do the assignments. I let Mr. Man skip those parts so he doesn’t get frustrated. He is a little behind with his motor skills, so I think a typical 6 year old would probably do okay with this, but in our house, my 8 year old had a much easier time.

Student Assignments- Science4Us review

I am super excited that their website says there is an iPad app coming this year. I really think that if Mr. Man could use the touch screen to do the assignments, he would no longer struggle with them, so I am going to be waiting on pins and needles for it’s release. I think the app is going to really take this program to the next level and make it even MORE accessible than it already is for young kids.

As a teacher, I really like the printable lesson plans and worksheets, because instead of just relying on the program to teach everything, I am empowered to expand on the lessons away from the computer, and also have worksheets and assignments to give, so the kids aren’t only learning from a screen. I loved being able to look over the lessons the boys completed also. It saves a copy of the workspace so I can see how they answered the questions, and see what work they accomplished.

I feel like this program really thought of everything for K-2 science, and my only real complaint is there aren’t higher levels of the program! It is easy to use, easy to teach, and so much fun. The kids ask to use, and I am finding myself using it more and more to supplement our activities (although it absolutely could stand on it’s own as a science curriculum).

In a Nutshell is an online, monthly science subscription program for kids in grades K-2. Activities are online, but teachers are provided with daily lesson plans, and supplemental worksheets and activities which make it well rounded and complete. Online activities are appropriate for all K-2 students, but children at the older end of the spectrum will have the easiest time. I do feel that children up to grade 4 with limited science experience could use and enjoy this program. It is secular, but I do believe it is “christian friendly”- although some may want to pre-screen or skip the unit on the origins of the earth. I very, very highly recommend this program and strongly urge you to check it out if you are desperate for an easy to teach science program.

Purchasing Information costs 7.95 per month, per child.

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