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Field Trip Friday: Apothecary Garden

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I love a good Field Trip, but some days I am just too tired to load all the kids in the car, and pack snacks, and diapers, and find the address of the location…. today was one of those days. I wanted nothing more than something SIMPLE to do for our Field Trip Friday.  ftf (6)

Luckily, even though we live right on the outskirts of what I would call a fairly large city, we also have a beautiful nature trail just outside our neighborhood. I rallied up some of the other local homeschool families, and we all met up near the entrance to our very own secret garden.


To get there, you have to walk past the apartments, and the baseball fields, and through a gate. But- the second you step through, the trees and bushes are so dense, it’s like walking right into Narnia.

This is where we always go for our nature walks. Its magical. We’ve seen bunnies and deer, flowers and bees. The really near part is popping out of the “forest” and arriving at the apothecary garden.

ftf (7)

All the medicinal herbs and flowers you can think of are in the Garden. It is divided by the type of illness the plants are meant to treat, and the herbs from this garden are still used for pharmaceutical purposes today. This summer, we are going to do a unit study on medicinal herbs and spend quite some time exploring this resource that is so close to our home!

It was a wonderful, nature centered adventure, and we didn’t have to spend a dime on gas.

Field Trip Friday

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