Lazy Birthday Parties

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Last night, little boys took over our house. Bug invited three of his best friends over to celebrate his seventh birthday with a sleepover. I’m really a slacker when it comes to birthday parties.

Other Moms consult Pintrest, and bake up a few dozen fancy cupcakes from scratch, or make a themed birthday cake. They plan big parties with decorations and goodie bags, and lots of fun activities. I made a cake from a box and forgot to buy frosting. I threw together something with copious amounts of chocolate and coconut and called it a glaze and…. Well, that’s about it. Oh, and I ordered a pizza.

The kids had a blast. Boys are capable of entertaining themselves with only a stick and some dirt, so my house full of toys and throw-able objects is a wonderland (okay, you’re right, maybe that’s pushing it, but it IS fun). Even with all the toys, the stinkers still resorted to movies and video games (I don’t blame them, Little Big Planet is too much fun to play as a group). Somewhere around midnight I had to come out to tell them to stop throwing angry birds toys at each other, and they all passed out.

Bug had a wonderful time, and I did it with minimal effort and expense. I think we’ll need to make this a birthday tradition around here!


Sharing is caring!

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