Field Trip Friday: Kletterwald Wiesbaden

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I know I have told you about 20 different things are my “favorite part about living in Germany.” I take them all back, nothing, not cappuccino, or chocolate, or farmers markets, or road side stands, or cute German towns beat this ONE thing.

My FAVORITE part about living in Germany is their insane idea of fun. In the States, people are lawsuit happy. We have saftey standards and rules for everything. In Germany, the rule is “it’s your problem, not mine” and “don’t be dumb about it.” The parks are HUGE and amazing, with zip lines and giant play structures. I’ve seen ropes across rivers with no lifeguard watching, and coin operated, parent driven amusement park rides.

Locally, we have this place called the Kletterwald- a giant, in the trees ropes course. It’s one of the few places I’ve seen here that actually has you sign something (I would tell you what it was, but I couldn’t read it) and gives you a 5 minute safety briefing…. which tells you right there that you are doing something COOL. For this trip, we actually didn’t bring any kiddos. I went to the Kletterwald with our Homeschool group as a “Mom’s Day Out” reconnaissance mission to see if the kids could do the ropes course (that was our “excuse” anyways).

A very quick run down of the safety rules- basically, hook yourself on before climbing up, or jumping off a tree. I’m never fully aware of how short (and awesome) my friends are until someone takes a picture like this, and I realize I am the giant in the frame.

The course itself was broken down into different colors for each level, Blue, Red and Black. Since we were big, strong, confident Women, we started with the “easy” Blue course. I really think they misnamed it. If Blue was “easy” then Black must secretly mean “climb this course and you will cry and beg for mercy and possibly die up here”. 

This stuff is HARD! We started the course with a giant rope ladder- the rungs were just big enough that even my massive hands *see above picture for proof* couldn’t get a grip on them. By the time I made it over the ledge, I knew I was in for a world of hurt when I got home. From there, the obstacles just got harder and harder. Every step I took left me rocking, and squealing like a baby.

While we were climbing, little German children were zipping around, with their parents watching from the ground. These kids have so much independence, and are raised with a healthy sense of adventure and fun. While I hesitated to climb across a rope, they just took off like it was the most natural thing in the world to be playing Tarzan.

PicMonkey Collage

The Red course was even more challenging. I’m just proud that I didn’t get stuck or need to call for the trainers help at any time. I did fall once, but was able to monkey my way back up to the platform.

But oh my gosh, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. I have a new appreciation of my wonderful Homeschool Mama friends. I’ve seen them at co-ops and over dinner, and field trips, but you don’t really know a person until you’re at the top of a tree and they are doing this:

me (2)
Our tree hugger friend, actually hugging a tree

As a Homeschool Mom, I feel like most of the things I do during the day are things for my kids. I feel like I am either teaching, or worrying, constantly about whether or not I am teaching enough of the right things. When we first started planning this trip, I felt a little bad about not going with Bug, but I actually think going by myself was the right choice.

Not just because it was hard, and I am pretty sure he would have cried, but because leaving the kids home to go on this adventure was teaching the kids the right thing. In going, I showed the kids that I value myself enough to do something for myself. I taught my kids that friends are important, even to adults.

Enjoying lunch after the climb, happy to have our feet firmly on the ground

It was a wonderful day- I hope you take some time for yourself this week, too!

Field Trip Friday
If you’re a local, the Kletterwald is open all summer for kids ages 6 years and older. 



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  1. Yeah, the fact that we had to sign paperwork in a country where you climb ancient stuff and swim with no lifeguards is a pretty big sign that it’s going to be cool. And painful. I’m so glad I went! Best “field trip” ever.

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