Hearts For Home Blog Hop #27

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Happy Thursday! Today, the kids and I are laying low. I know I complained most of the cold, dark winter; but now that our two weeks of summer are here, we’re all roasting. Our apartment has no AC (there is no AC anywhere). These big windows turn the whole apartment into an oven- I’m thinking it’s time to attempt that solar oven cookie experiment in the living room!

While I am laying in front of the fan today, I’ll be visiting your Blogs with the Hearts for Home Blog Hop!


Have you linked up with us before? I am having so much fun hosting the Hearts for Home Blog Hop with a wonderful group of Bloggers each Thursday, and reading your wonderful family-oriented posts.

Join us this week and share your fantastic ideas!

Blog Hops are tons of fun! If you haven’t heard of one before, it’s basically a way to link up a ton of wonderful posts so you can “Hop” from one blog to the next finding inspiration and ideas along the way.

Not only will you have a chance to find some fantastic posts on just about everything, you’ll have a chance for your own blog to shine. Don’t be shy! Share your favorite post with us!

Please make sure to link directly to your post (not your main blog page) so we can find the fabulous post you want to share. Please make sure to display our Hearts for Home button on your blog post, sidebar or tabs. This button can be found on the blog hop each week.

Hearts for Home Blog Hop
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Each week, I will share the post that received the most clicks, as well as some of my favorite posts from the week before. Each of the bloggers hosting will be sharing their own favorites, so be sure to check back and see if YOU were featured!

Shining posts this week:

H4H 27

The Most Clicked:

The Measured Mom taught me how to teach short and long a spelling words with a word study lesson. She has wonderful ideas for teaching spelling!

My Favorites:

1. Trillium Montessori organized their art supplies. I really, really need to do this. Yesterday I started a new art class session with a brand new group of kiddos, and I would *love* to get my stash as nicely organized as theirs! Adding this to the top of my to-do list this week.

2. Speaking of Art- Life Ungraded has a wonderful post about process over product. This is one thing I try hard to teach in my classes too. It can be hard to let go of the idea of what something is supposed to look like- but really, the process and creativity is what makes art special and beautiful. We don’t want canned, identical products! We want kids who enjoyed the process and are learning by doing. Well done, Life Ungraded!

3. If you want to get featured on my blog, include pictures of monkeys in your post. I love monkeys, in a big fuzzy heart kind of way. Who DOESN’T love monkeys?? Although, these aren’t monkeys, they are apes, but I still love them. Even better, they are FRENCH apes. That School of One Fish fed by hand. Her kids are very, very lucky- and this my dears, is what Homeschooling is all about. Feeding Monkeys. (or something like that)

*By linking up to the Hearts for Home Blog Hop, you are granting all participating hosts of the Hearts for Home Blog Hop permission to use and/or re-post photographs from your blog or website post that you linked up to this blog hop in our featured posts image*

Make sure to check out the other Hearts for Home Blog Hop Host’s posts this week to see if you were featured on their Blogs! Were you featured on our Hearts for Home Blog Hop this week? Congratulations! Grab a Featured button to proudly display on your blog or website.

Hearts for Home Blog Hop
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That’s it Folks! Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to check out the other posts this week and share the love!

We invite everyone to get “clicking” and have some blog hopping fun!

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