Happy New Year!

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It’s 2013. How did that happen?

Is this a good time to reminisce about 2003? No? Okay. Sigh.

Yesterday, I told you 2012 was the best year ever. Guess what? I lied. Its not the best year ever, because 2013 is here, and 2013 is even better.

I have so many big plans for this year.

Over the next few days, I am going to tell you all about these big plans, and dare I say it, New Years Resolutions.

2013 Resolution #1

My first goal for 2013 is more ME time.

It seems like these days the one thing I am truly short on, is time. I don’t know if the world has always been like this, and I’ve just been ignoring it- or if things really have sped up, but it feels like every day gets shorter and shorter.

There is more to do, and more places to go. There are lessons to be taught, and things to be cleaned. I have babies who need cuddling, Boys who need chased around. There are Husbands who need love, and dinner to be cooked. There are adventures I want to have, and friends I want to see, and people I want to support.

I’ve always been the type to over commit. I have obligations all over the place. I am a busy person, and typically, I like it like that. I like feeling useful, and needed. I like the sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done, and the sense of community I get from being involved.

I said before that I feel like I am doing a better job saying “no”. My friend told me “you need to choose between the good and the great.” I don’t want to miss out on “great things” because I said “yes” to “good things”. I’m doing better. But- I still have a long way to go.

I feel like sometimes I let myself become invisible. My needs just don’t seem that important where there is so much else going on in my world. But what kind of a message does that teach my kids? What does it say about me?

This year, I am going to define myself as the “great”. I am going to wake up earlier and make time for the things I love. I am going to take better care of myself. I am going to blog more because I love it. I am going to take time to read for myself, rather than reading for Bug’s school. I am going to make myself a priority, and take back some of the time for myself.

This is the year that I am going to find myself as a person. I love being a wife, and a mother, a teacher, a friend and a volunteer. I do. I also love being ME- and it’s about darn time I figure out what that means outside of those roles.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentleman, because this girl is taking over.

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