5 Days of Free and Frugal Homeschooling: Art, Music, Language

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Hi Everyone! You may have noticed my site was down for much of Friday, and I missed sharing the final post in our Free and Frugal blog series because of it. Long story short, y’all overwhelmed my server (I’m not complaining!). I am still in the process of moving to a new host, so hopefully soon we’ll be up and running on a server that will keep this site running efficiently for you! Sorry about that, and thank you so much for reading this blog!

Now- on to the curriculum!

Cheap and Free Art, Music and Foreign Language

Free Curriculum:



Free Art Lessons from Concordia University Chicago- Individual Lessons plans for every grade.

Kids Art Lessons (general)

Art Projects for Kids (lots of artist study projects, inexpensive art coloring books and how to draw)

Kinder Art– Free Lesson Plans

National Gallery of Art- Art information and games

MET timeline of Art History

Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons

I also have free lessons and ideas: Art on a Shoestring Budget



Classics for Kids

Music Theory

Zebra Keys Piano

Free Piano Lessons for Kids

Making Music Fun Free Sheet Music

Famous Composers


Foreign Language

Duo Lingo- Many Languages

French for Kids– with history and geography

Free Video Lessons for Spanish, French and German


Salsa Spanish


Inexpensive Curriculum



How to Teach Art to Children

The Annotated Mona Lisa

Discovering Great Artists

Global Art

Art Games from Birdcage Press – these are very high quality

Art School- This huge book is the best 10 dollars you’ll spend for an artistic child!

Art Lab for Kids

For older kids, pick up a used copy of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages– it’s an amazing art history text, and would be appropriate for AP test prep, or as self study for YOU! I kind of love this book. I paid about 15 dollars for mine, and it’s one of my most treasured books. The text is easy to read, and the information is complete. All art lovers need this tome.



Adventus Piano- for about 10 dollars a month, this program and a midi keyboard will teach your child to play music. We love it!

The Story of the Orchestra

Those Amazing Musical Instruments

Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Kids


Foreign Language

Song School Latin & Spanish (for young children, you do not need the teachers manual to use this program)

The complete book of Spanish

Getting Started with Latin

…. and I am still looking for high quality, inexpensive resources for foreign language!

Read the rest of the series!

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