Field Trip Friday: Koln, Germany’s Roman Museum

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Today we made the almost 2 hour drive to Koln’s Roman Museum for our field trip. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am getting a little burnt out on the Romans. I think it’s harder for the kids to get into and “see” than other civilizations we have studied, and they aren’t connecting as much with it. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get to Greece and Rome soon to see the sights there, but in the meantime, this field trip really helped.

Bug the bossy pants brother telling Mr. Man all about how “Romans are just like US!”

The last chapter of Story of the World (the history curriculum we are using) talked about how the Roman Civilization left behind so many things we still use today. In the museum, most of the items there, although hundreds of years old, are things we still use today. We saw ancient belt buckles, and vases and school tablets and wicker chairs….. not to mention the jewelry! Most of it is still in style!

A Child’s Wax tablet and stylus


Looks a lot like a cooking set I have in my kitchen….

Insoles. I think you can get these at walmart.

Not for everyday wear (It’s a funeral crown) but still, beautiful.

Next week is our last Ancient Civilizations field trip, and then we move on to the Middle Ages! I’ve been working on compiling lesson plans for Story of the World 2 (only the European history chapters) with Passport Middle Ages (a Homeschool in the Woods product) and a Journey Through Learning lapbook….. oh, and the Classical House of Learning Lit too. It’s going to be pretty epic, and I am *so* excited to share with you guys all the fun Middle Ages things we have coming up.

Field Trip Friday

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