Field Trip Friday: Wiesbaden Christmas Market

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Christmas Markets are my favorite part about being in Europe over the holidays. I miss my family like crazy- I miss TONS of things about the United States, but if I have to be away from home, there is no where else I would rather be than a christmas market. The Wiesbaden Christmas Market is my absolute favorite one (and not just because it’s close!). It’s one of the larger market’s we’ve been to, and it’s right outside a beautiful church. Even better, at night it lights up, giving it the name “twinkling star market.”

Christmas 2

Christmas Markets are the place to be for the entire advent season. Practically every city and village in Germany has one. They bring out stalls where they sell everything from spices, scarves, ornaments, traditional christmas pyramids, nutcrackers, and food.


Oh my, the food. Of course, the kids and I love the food best. We always end up eating our way through the market. I get Spiessbraten, which is marinated pork, grilled with onions and served on crusty bread. And we get some Rindswurst (better than bratwurst!) and crepes (you know what those are, right?) and roasted nuts…..

Christmas 1

And then there is the Gluhwien. I’ll have to get a recipe up for you after I make some for christmas dinner this week. Gluhwien (glow wine) is the main thing people rave about at christmas markets. It’s a mulled red wine, with orange and lemon and clove, and is just amazing. They also make a kids version (kinder punch) and some markets carry versions with added liquor, or made from white wine.


Nothing is better than wandering a market with a hot cup of gluhwien!

DSC_0146Field Trip FridayIf you’re local, you don’t need any helpful hints for this one! Just get down there and have a glass of gluhwien for me. Oh, and if the main parking says “0” it really means “0” even if they let you see cars going in there. It’s a trap that will cost you 2 euro. Park at the theater and walk!

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