Field Trip Friday: Fasanerie Wiesbaden

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Fasanerie Wiesbaden

The Fasanerie is one of my favorite field trip locations. It’s a free “zoo” outside of Wiesbaden, and is home to a bunch of “common” European animals, like bird, bears, deer, pigs and raccoons. It’s special because this zoo is free, and the parking is free, which is SO rare in Germany. It has a lovely little playground, and the forest is nice and cool. We headed there as soon as the German children went back to school because we knew we would have it to ourselves!
The Animal Whisperer

Mr. Man loves German Zoos because they let you get very close to the animals, and you can pet and feed just about everything. At the bigger zoos, you can feed elephants and pet camels! Mr. Man is my animal whisperer, and I would not be surprised if he grows up to be a veterinarian. Of all the kids, he’s the most sensitive, and the animals just seem to know that. They come right to him, and he is so tender with them- which is funny because he’s so wild the rest of the time!

German Animals

This is a small sampling of what they have here in Germany- I wish I could tell you what these animals are, other than their general names. We spent our time at the zoo talking about animals needs- food, water and shelter; and how the zoo provided for the animals. Mr. Man thought the raccoon must not have had everything he needed, because he was trying his hardest to dig himself out. He wasn’t far from getting through!

Field Trip Friday

If you’re local, you really should spend as much time as you can this fall at the Fasanerie. It’s free, and easy to get to- but heads up, It’s on the side of a pretty killer hill. I didn’t make it up to see the bears, because I refused to climb another step up! It is stroller and wheelchair friendly, and as an added bonus, they have wheelchair accessible rides on the playground (a slide and merry go round), so no one has to miss out on the fun. The playground also has a water feature, so come prepared for that, and bring your own carrots for the animals. Address and More info (in German) here.

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