Field Trip Friday: Beautiful Idstein

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idstein (2)

Today’s field trip was to Idstein, Germany. We are so lucky to live smack dab in the middle of a bunch of adorable towns (well, really, what small German town isn’t adorable?). Idstein is a half hour drive from us, and is full of half-timbered houses. It’s everything a little German town should be!

idstein (3)

We had planned on going up the Witches Tower when we in town, but a last second change of plans put us there when the tourist office was closed. I was a little disappointed at first to not be able to do what we had planned…


Until we found this amazing little garden with a “maze”. The kids were able to run and play tag, and the Mamas had a chance to just sit, enjoy a sunny moment, and a rare adult conversation.


maze (2)


I just love her bouncy off balanced run!


Just because it’s too cute to not take note- Mr. Man’s very independent shoe choice for the day. Two different cowboy boots.

It was a wonderful laid back Field Trip Friday! Lots of running, beautiful sites, and we finished our Wizard of Oz audiobook.

Field Trip Friday

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