Easy Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

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Okay, so I totally admit that I spent like, hours earlier this week on Pinterest looking for the easiest recipes I could find. I am a terrible cook, not so much because I suck at cooking, but because I really hate cooking. By the time dinner rolls around, I am tired. Not just normal tired, but like, head pounding, legs aching tired. I don’t WANT to cook.

Luckily, my husband loves to cook, and he is often willing to step into the kitchen to feed everyone dinner. I can tell when he’s having a bad day, because he reverts to this chicken and frozen veggie meal that takes just a couple minutes of effort. On his best days, we get full three-course meals with sauces and reductions and all sorts of things.

Lately, though, my dear husband hasn’t been around to cook- which means come dinner time, it’s on me to find something to feed the kids. It can’t just be granola bars and Taco Bell… we have to eat real food too. Which brings me to my latest kick- food I can cook in the waffle iron. The house stays nice and cool, the kids think it’s AMAZING and are much more likely to eat something with waffle holes in it than a casserole, and it’s super quick.

Tonight’s meal, cooked in my best-ever waffle iron (it really is the best and worth every penny) was ham and swiss croissant-witches.


All you need to do is get some canned croissant dough, some black forest ham, and some shredded swiss cheese. Dice up your ham, and roll out the croissant dough. Place the cheese and ham on the dough, top it with a second dough triangle, and pop that bad boy in a greased waffle iron. These cooked about 4-5 minutes and were delicious right out of the iron. They would be fabulous with some sort of mustard sauce, which I will ask the Hubby to get on as soon as he gets home!

Happy cooking!

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