Easter Traditions Around the World!

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Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 4! This holiday is celebrated with a lot of diversity within the United States, alone. However, it is recognized with far more diverse traditions globally! Many people all over the world celebrate Easter as a religious holiday that celebrates of the resurrection of Christ. However, other cultures and religions also have different traditions around this holiday which focus on the day’s association with spring (and the various signs that come with it). However, many of the things we do to celebrate Easter (both in the United States and around the world) have something to do with both! As you can imagine, this results in some pretty fascinating and varied traditions! Today, we’re bringing you a printable booklet that you can use to read about and discuss Easter Traditions Around the World!

As you get ready for your own Easter celebrations over the next week, it could be fun to spend a little time each day learning about some of these Easter Traditions Around the World with your kids. Here are a few additional ways you may want to explore and enjoy this printable booklet:

  • Compare/Contrast: As you read about each of these Easter traditions, talk about how they are the same/different from the way we celebrate Easter here in the USA!  You could compare and contrast the traditions in this booklet simply in conversation, or you could use a Venn diagram to create visual aids. Bonus: This may even go along with a discussion of how your family, in particular, celebrates Easter.  Are there recipes you always make? Do you go to a special church service or have any other unique family traditions?
  • Question/Research: Which countries/cultures have Easter traditions that are more spiritual versus traditions that have to do with the arrival of spring? Which countries have traditions that relate to both (and what can you find out about where these traditions originated)?
  • Get Inspired: Have your child pick a tradition or two from this printable booklet to recreate in some creative way as part of your Easter preparations!
  • Find New Things to Learn: Did your child discover a culture in this booklet that he or she would be interested to learn more about? This might be a jumping off point for learning more about another country or culture!

We always think it’s fun and interesting to learn more about other parts of the world by reading about how they celebrate different holidays! We hope you enjoy this printable booklet (grab it by clicking the link below) on Easter Traditions Around the World!

 Grab Your Printable Easter Traditions Around the World Booklet Here

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