Chemistry for Kids {The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book Review}

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Chemistry is a subject that terrifies me. In high school, I was a fantastic student. I had really good grades, and learning came easy to me. Until chemistry. It was so small, and intangible, and I struggled with just about everything that happened in that class. I didn’t do well (I think it’s the only C I have ever received in my life….) and has left me with a fear of teaching chemistry to my own kids.

A couple weeks ago, the author of The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book, Teresa Bondora, contacted me about reviewing her new book. I admit, my initial reaction was “ewwwwww chemistry!” but despite my (fear, distaste, loathing….) of the subject, I know that I really AM going to have to tackle this subject with my children eventually if I am going to homeschool well, and there really can’t be a better way to do it than with a coloring book!

Periodic Table

Teresa was a science teacher in the classroom for 8 years before choosing to come home and school her own children. This book came about because she struggled to find materials for teaching science that were complete enough, while also being appropriate for a child.

Teresa has taken the Periodic Table, and has broken it down in an easy to understand format. Each element is given two pages. One has a quick run down of facts about it- things like it’s atomic number and weight, and more importantly, things that will “stick” well in your child’s brain- fun facts, history and other important information that makes learning the table more than just numbers on a chart. The second page has images for your child to color which coordinate along with the text information. The images are all clear to understand.

I am thrilled this resource exists, and feel it would be a wonderful addition to any chemistry curriculum (or used alone as a unit study on the Periodic Table). I wish I could tell you that I was magically no longer afraid to teach chemistry…. I’m not there yet. But, I am feeling less intimated having this resource in my hands. The bullet point format for each element makes it easy for me to go over the facts with the kiddos (and, make flash cards to go along with them to help us remember!) and the pictures to color make it feel less overwhelming and scary… and more like something we can do for fun.

You can see a sample of The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book on Teresa’s website, How To Teach Science, and pick up a copy on Amazon for 21.00.


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