Bumble Bee Vowel Sort

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Vowel and Consonant

I made this printable pack for Little Miss- as she is learning to read, we’ve also been practicing her vowels and consonants. The Logic of English teaches kids that vowels are the letters you can sing, with an open mouth, and consonants are sounds that are blocked by your lips, tongue, or teeth.

This pack is a really fun way to practice this. Print off this pack, and laminate it (we use this inexpensive at-home laminator) and then cut out the little bees. You can glue the hives into a file folder, or just use them as play mats on the table. Then, have your child choose a bee, and make the letter sound. As they do this, ask them if that letter is a vowel or a consonant. They can then put the bee in its correct hive.

This is such an easy activity- kids can use it at quiet time, or as a “take it to your seat” center in a public school classroom.

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