Peace On Earth: A Christmas Collection {Book Review}

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I don’t remember exactly when or how I fell in love with Mary Engelbrieit’s work. I want to say my Gramie had some books or cards with her art on them. I just remember a childhood with her pictures, and how much I loved them, so when I saw her new book, Peace on Earth: A Christmas Collection, I just knew I had to have a copy.


This book exceeded my expectations. Every page is beautifully illustrated in her trademark style, with crisp, clean colors. It’s a beautiful collection- it has poems, quotes, lyrics to Christmas songs, the Christmas story from Luke, other bible verses, and plenty of thoughtful things to consider this Christmas season. Every last page is filled with gorgeous illustrations.

It’s a perfect coffee table book for display- but it’s also perfect just to sit and enjoy. The kids and I have been taking full advantage of it during our Circle Time each morning. We’re reading each short story or verse in the morning, sometimes just soaking in the pictures, and sometimes talking about the meaning.

I am so glad to have it in my collection of holiday books for the kids. I can’t recommend this book enough if you also collect books for the holidays.


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