Field Trip Friday: Trier, Germany

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Trier is the oldest city in Germany; it was founded by an Assyrian prince around 16 BC, so it was the perfect city to explore while studying ancient history. In the first century BC, Rome took over the city- eventually making it the imperial residence over the western portion of the roman empire.

With its rich roman history, the city is full of beautiful roman artifacts and ruins.

Porta Nigra- The Black Gate (Roman Gate)

The ruins of the Imperial Baths

I love that my kids can play at the base of ruins. How cool is that?

Exploring the tunnels under the baths was everyone’s favorite part. The kids loved “getting lost” in the dark passageways!

The Roman Arena

I wish I could fit this picture full sized- this was MY favorite part of the trip to Trier. It was built between 160-200 AD and can seat up to 20,000 people. Gladiator battles, animal hunts, religious festivals and other functions were held here. I really want to go back to this city when it is warm enough to wander more!


Field Trip Friday


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