Winter Games Word Wall

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This word wall pack is perfect for early readers and can be used in a few ways. Print the pages on cardstock and laminate so you can use them again and again.

I put the word strips and pictures in our pocket chart, and have the kids read the words and match the images. We use this same list as our spelling list for my older kids.

Younger kids can use the read and write cards to practice writing the words. I like to bind mine together with my pro-click (or, use rings) so the kids can flip through the stack of words throughout their day.

Grab this pack in our shop, and if you have older kids, make sure you check out our complete Winter Games Unit Study. This activity book has more than 60 pages of content and is intended for your kids to use while enjoying the Winter Games. This book is already the #1 New Release on Amazon – grab yours today!

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