Why I Always Have Diapers In My Car

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Keep a diaper stash in your car

With my first two boys, I never carried diapers with me. Call me young and dumb, but I hated carrying a big bag! I was never out of the house very long, and most of the time I had a diaper and wipes stashed somewhere in the backseat of the car… it was never a huge worry of mine, because even if the worst happened there was always somewhere to get extra diapering supplies.



So cute, but her face isn’t the only messy thing in this picture…

And then we had baby #3 and moved to Europe.

We spent most of the time we lived there going on road trips. At least every other month, we’d pack the kids up and head off to find cute villages and explore the countryside. One weekend, when Little Miss was about 2, we headed out for France. We spent a couple days eating pain du chocolat and exploring castles, and it wasn’t until we were about an hour into our 4-hour drive home that we realized we were completely out of diapers.

image2 (1)


Not possible in Europe on a Sunday

In the middle-of-nowhere France on a Sunday, you can’t just pull into a CVS Health to pick up a pack of Huggies. There is no CVS. Even if there was, it would be closed because EVERYTHING is closed on a Sunday. Little Girl’s belly began to rumble, and I went into panic mode. We had to find a gas station, STAT because we were going to need a new diaper.

We drove off path to the nearest town, and finally found one open gas station. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find diapers on the shelf, and I couldn’t remember how to ask for them in French. After pantomiming, I was finally able to get across my message, and the woman behind the counter just shook her head at me.


The tiny ghost town of a village. There wasn’t even a place to stop to eat!

At this point, Little Miss had a complete blowout, and leaving her in that diaper was just not an option. I circled through the store again and rounded up supplies. I grabbed the biggest maxi pads I could find, trash bags, and a roll of duct tape. I headed back out to the car with my supplies in my hand, shook my head at my husband as he made a “what in the world” gesture, and rolled open the door to the van.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I stole a pair of underwear from my 4-year-old, and made him ride home commando. I lined it with a maxi pad, and stuck it on my daughter. Then, I wrapped her in a trash bag and duct taped it on like the MacGyver I am. For good measure, I wrapped her car seat in another bag and then held my breath as we got back on the road.

That was the last time we left the house without a fully packed diaper bag. I’m a much more prepared mom with baby #4. I am determined to never have to wrap Peanut in a plastic bag! I always have a stash of Huggies Little Movers on me, and if you have babies, you probably should have a stash in your car too.

Diaper Baby

Baby #4 and his Huggies covered bum- this kid is the lucky one with the always prepared Momma! 

image1 (2)

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  1. Oh, my!! That has to be the funniest blowout diaper story that I’ve ever heard! I can’t believe that everything shuts down on Sundays! #client

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