The Organized Homeschool Challenge Week 1: Books

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Welcome to Week 1 of the Organized Homeschool Challenge!

My dear Hubby knows me all too well, and suggested organizing for my monthly series. I’m not the neatest person on the block, but I do love a good challenge…. and Hubby knows that if I promise it on the blog, I am going to deliver.

So, every week this month, I am going to tackle one problem spot in my Homeschool- everything from books, art and craft supplies, papers, and curriculum stashes! I’ll post before pictures, and then keep track of my progress, what works, and what doesn’t.

This is going to be good for you too- because I decided to share my to-do lists, printables and other goodies so you can join me in getting our homes organized for the new school year.

Are you Excited?

For Week One, We’re going to start with the Kid’s Books, and your Home Library.

Organized Homeschool Challenge- Kids Books

I already shared this system, but just in case you just pinned it and hadn’t gotten the job done yet, it’s the first task on the list. You don’t have to label your books, but I’m telling you, weeks later, my Library is STILL organized.

I am a crazy book collector. If you’re anything like me, your home library could probably take a closer look too. This week, look to see if there are any worn or outgrown books to take out of your collection. Inventory what you have and those books organized in a way that makes sense to you.

We can’t teach if you don’t know what books you have to work with!

The Process:

  • Round up all the books– Including those under beds and in closets. Enlist the kids help to hunt them down!
  • Take books off the shelves
  • Take inventory of what you have
  • Remove worn books and outgrown books (put aside to pass along to others)
  • Arrange remaining books in stacks in a why that makes sense to you (by topic, author, size, color….)
  • Label books if you choose to do so
  • Wipe down book shelves/ dust
  • Replace all books in an orderly fashion
  • Place a book basket near the shelves for library books to be stored
  • Take weeded out books to local salvation army, thrift store, or recycling center

I have a printable to-do list (Organized Homeschool Challenge 1- Organize the Kids Books) for you, and printable book labels to get the job done- so lets get it done!

Join Us!

Share pictures of your messes and your organization solutions in the comments, email them to me at [email protected] or post them to me on Facebook. I’ll share them with my readers and we can cheer you on together!

You can follow along on my Organization and Cleaning Board on Pinterest too. I’ve been hunting for the best organization solution and have tons of great ideas there. You may find an idea too!

I’m working on a giveaway for this series, so don’t be shy- Let’s work on our Homeschool Messes together! (Vendors- if you’d like to support this series and do a giveaway, shoot me an email!)

Coming Next Sunday:

Arts and Crafts

It’s a terrible, awful mess- I know. I’m going to move all of this to a closet, and figure out a practical way to organize all the markers and crayons and paint and paper and googly eyes! Wish me Luck!

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  1. So excited to join in! I pinned your book labels before but haven’t actually gotten around to it. With the new school year around the corner I’ve been itching to get things organized. Thanks so much for sharing such an awesome resource!

  2. Sounds great – count me in! Love your facebook posts and blog. I share it often. I work in the library in my county and I was showing everyone your labeling system. Librarians were loving it! My homeschool book shelf could use a tidy up time. Thanks!

  3. Just reading this makes me feel alternately inspired and nervous about trying this myself! We’re always trying to organize! Definitely going to follow this.

  4. omgosh. I truly love this idea, but it would take me MONTHS to do this with all our books!
    I might be able to do it with my curriculum though

    1. LOL! Sounds like maybe you need a purge!
      Just Kidding. I don’t part with my books well. Its very rare that something gets taken off my shelves to be passed along. I may have a sickness.
      But- you can always straighten them up and organize them a little this week, even if you aren’t going to label them. A little organizing is better than none!

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