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Spiel What? Spielgaben in our Homeschool

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You guys. Look at all the pretty things! My type-A personality has been drooling over this Spielgaben set for years- ever since I saw it mentioned on one of my favorite homeschool blogger’s sites. All the beautiful wooden pieces. The rainbow colors. The lovely storage box. I can’t help myself. I’m like a moth to the perfectly organized flame.

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I was not disappointed when my Spielgaben set arrived. This thing is BIG and heavy and I had to wait for my husband to get home from work to help me get it out of the box. I probably could have done it, but I was sure I would somehow end up thumping it or bumping it or somehow put a dent into it.


Silly me- this thing is sturdy, and so far, despite the excitement from the kids, it’s no worse for the wear. (Confession… I am still super paranoid about messing the set up- I mean, it’s lovely, and there are so many small pieces, and have you met my kids? No? Well, I have met my kids and until they somehow become more organized they aren’t able to open the boxes unless I am right there at the table, watching like a hawk to make sure that NO ONE THROWS THE PIECES AND MAKES IT RAIN!)

Anyways- the point it, we are now the new proud owners of a Spielgaben set. I wanted it for Little Miss, who is officially a Kindergarten this year. Spielgaben has a wonderful workbook just for Kindergarteners with tons of activities for her to do throughout the year- everything from addition and subtraction to fractions and symmetry and spatial awareness.


She’s also explored letters and words and has used the pieces to spell her name, and my name, and any other name she can think of. We’ve used them to build the weather (a cloud here, a sun there). We’ve used them to practice patterning, and to build pretty pictures during read aloud time.

We’ve barely dipped our toes into all the things that we can do with this set. I was thrilled (surprised? excited? ALL THE THINGS) that I could also use it with my older kids.


Doodle, who attends therapy for his alphabet soup of special needs has been loving this. He has been using the pieces to reinforce math skills, building three-dimensional shapes and exploring fractions. I love the pattern board for him- he’s working on fine motor skills to place the little circles in the grids, and he’s working on his hand strength while building shapes.

We’ve even found this set to be useful for our almost-middle-schooler. He is taking chemistry this year, and spent an evening with his dad, looking up different kinds of molecules, and building them together.


It amazes me that one product can be used for all my kids, for many different subjects. Our Spielgaben set is going to hang out in a place of honor in our school room, and I plan on tying it into our lessons as much as possible this year. I’m still going through all the curriculum guides and idea books that came with the set, and am planning out where and when we can use the pieces, but I already know it’s going to be ALL THE TIME.


I plan on using it with Little Miss as part of her kindergarten curriculum on a daily basis, and working with Doodle a few times a week. He’ll also be using it for free play all the time because of the added benefit of motor skills practice – he’s the kind of kid who loves to build and has the imagination to really enjoy building and creating with these pieces.

Now, I wouldn’t just come on here to wax poetic about this set if I couldn’t offer one lucky reader a chance to win their own. I know that Spielgaben is an investment, and it may not be in the budget for all of you- but, if it is something you have been considering saving up for, I would highly recommend it. Spielgaben has graciously offered one set to giveaway- so please use the widget below to enter to win!

Spielgaben is also putting together a fabulous discount for my readers- all you need to do is visit this page and fill out the form, and they’ll set you up with a coupon code when the giveaway is over! 

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