What we’re up to: Oak Meadow Second Trimester

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We’re having an amazing time with Oak Meadow. I will be honest with you, when I first started looking at Oak Meadow, I had no idea if it would work for us. I was hopeful, but you never really know until you’re at home with the curriculum, 8 weeks in, and really elbows deep in it.


I can officially say we’re there. We finished the first trimester, and have started on the second. We’re still loving it. The longer I spend in this curriculum, the more pleased I am with all the intricacies that make up a deceptively simple program.

I am learning that there is a huge difference between gentle, and “light.” And I am learning that gentle works for us.

With Oak Meadow, I don’t have workbooks or textbooks.  I have stories. Beautiful stories. Classic stories. Myths, and fables, and fairy tales. Stories with hope, morals, magic, tough choices and important lessons. The curriculum comes with a book of folk tales, but even better, the curriculum empowers me to read, read, read with my kids- anything really, and use that to learn.

In December, I am putting away the folk tales book, and pulling out the christmas picture books, and we won’t miss a beat with our language arts lessons. With Oak Meadow, we read the story, sometimes we illustrate it, we summarize it, we talk about parts of speech, we copy beautiful sentences. I have been taught HOW to teach with these stories, so I am free to adapt as I want as the year progresses.

I really didn’t believe a curriculum could bring me freedom from all the books and expectations and other stressors that weighed me down the first year homeschooling. Of course, I still add in unit studies and other goodies, but I love knowing I don’t have to. My to-do list is simple, and easy for the week, and anything extra is just that…. extra. It’s such a relief.

We’re having a fabulous time, and are keeping on keeping on with Oak Meadow. I’m excited that this is the first December that I haven’t totally wanted to re-vamp what we were doing. I’m perfectly content with our curriculum choices…. which is a wonderful thing to be!

How are you doing this school year? Are you needing a change, or are you happy with your choices?


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  1. Lisa, I am using the third grade level diligently, and I have the first grade level which I am using more as a framework. A lot of the time, my younger son tags along with his older brother, so I combine more than I separate. You may want to check out the Oak Meadow Families group on facebook- often people sell their old levels and you may be able to get a fantastic deal (I think I paid 75 for the first grade program, which is why I feel okay about not using ALL of it). I’ve heard amazing things about the K program, I have never seen it, but it’s always one of the first recommended on message boards.
    Thanks for commenting!

  2. New follower here! I’ve never really looked at Oak Meadow, but will probably check it out as I’m looking for 2nd grade curriculum to start this spring. I’ve never used a whole curriculum before… just pieces and parts that I love. Thanks for the quick review.

  3. Hi, so glad Oak Meadow is working for you guys! We are still ** thinking ** about it … purchasing 4th grade for my boy and K for my girls will not be cheap. Can you tell me which grade level you are using with your kiddos? I’m sure it’s here in your blog somewhere …. 🙂

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