Mother Goose Monday: The final Luau

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I had a terrible time getting pictures of Little Miss this week due to terrible planning on my part and a misplaced battery charger- so don’t mind me and my talking too much, with too few pictures.


This month has been an insane amount of fun. For preschool, our theme has been “Treasure Island” so it’s been all about pirates and adventures and island fun. This theme has really unlocked Em’s imagination and encouraged her in all the best ways.

It’s a review month for Mother Goose Time, meaning it touched on all the letters, shapes and colors they taught in the last year. Since we came in mid-year, and Em is on the young side (she’ll be three in just a couple weeks) some of the activities were above her this month, but it worked out to be a really good thing because we were able to do it “lightly” and not worry too much about hitting every activity since we are on “summer mode” in our house.

DSC_0377Bless her little perfectionist heart

In July and August, the themes are all summer fun (but still educational of course!) and then in September, the new year starts with all new learning (check out the new monthly themes here!). We’ve been sort of doing the “lite” version on the program, but I am excited in September, hopefully, to have her be ready to do more of the reading and writing activities as they are written. I think it’s going to be really great for her.


Anyways, so today- Luau!

The “big theme” this week was Island Fun, and I just love some of the crafts and activities we got to do. Little Miss made a Lei necklace (with which we practiced counting, and fine motor skills) and then we planned a “party” and ate cupcakes, while her brothers acted out the little play that was included in the book.


The next day, she was still wearing her Lei around the house, AND we added a grass skirt. We watched Lilo and Stitch (not in the plan- but hey, it sounded appropriate) and then we danced a little Hula.

There were many, many more lessons planned for this week, but we didn’t get to them all. It’s okay though! I am going to hang on to the lesson plan books, and goodies, and just pull them out as we have time over the summer.

What have you been doing with your preschooler?

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