Kindergarten Basics: Copywork and Journaling Printable Pack

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A simple pack for your littlest homeschooler!

We are huge Logic of English fans, and I am still super giddy about our Logic of English copy work series. Each month, we’ll have a new pack for you with practice pages for your child to master their cursive and manuscript handwriting. These are intended to complement (not replace) the handwriting instruction from The Logic of English. Don’t miss their Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards if your child needs to learn how to properly form their letters!

Kindergarten Handwriting

Copywork pages for:

The Months of the Year

The Days of the Week


Numbers (one through twelve)

This pack also includes a basic  journaling page (I have my little ones write the date, one sentence a day, and then sign their name) as well as a page to track their signature throughout the year (I have mine write their name on the same day of each month) so you can see their handwriting progress throughout the year.

It’s a simple pack, but one you can print off more than once to practice handwriting skills until they master the spelling of these important words.

Get the printable pack in our shop! 

The School LOE Cursive and Manuscript Fonts by David Occhino Design were used to create this document.
Check out The Logic of English for coordinating handwriting, spelling and reading instruction.

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