History ROCKS {Review and Giveaway!}

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History Rocks

We are huge fans of history in this house. I feel like we spend a lot of time focusing on events and places, but the thing that really brings history alive for me are the people. With Enchanted Homeschooling Mom‘s new history program, History Rocks Part 1, we’ve been exploring the human side of history and are learning more about the men who changed our world for the better.

What is History Rocks?

History Rocks Part 1 Curriculum

History Rocks is a history program based on people, rather than places and times. Enchanted Homeschooling Mom based this curriculum off the book, Boys who Rocked the World: Heros from King Tut to Bruce Lee. Each person in the book (46 in total) have their own unit study in the curriculum.

Use Amazon’s look inside feature to see a list of all 46 men featured in the book!

Each unit is based on reading the chapter, answering questions about the person, and then reflecting on why this person is an important person in history, and how the world would be different if they were not a part of it. In addition to the reading and writing, Enchanted Homeschool Mom has come up with varied activities that are hands on and FUN to bring the biography to life.

For example, for the unit on Elvis, you will listen to his music, and learn more about the genre and instruments used. You’ll also make Elvis’ favorite sandwich, a BLT. Each unit has something different and fun to do!

These units can either be used as a full history program for 46 weeks, or as unit studies to be used in any order as they come up with your other studies. Enchanted Homeschool Mom is also releasing History Rocks Part 2 this summer which will feature Girls who Rocked the World, which can be used in conjunction with History Rocks Part 1.

Our Experience with History Rocks

I love the way this program is set up. I am a huge fan of Unit Studies, and History Rocks is set up in such a way that I can look at what we are learning with our other curriculum, and find a Unit from History Rocks to complement it. It’s a really easy way to add in biographies into our curriculum without much fuss.

It was really easy to adapt to what we were doing. For example, a couple weeks ago we were learning about Gravity with our core Oak Meadow curriculum. I saw that History Rocks included a unit on Galileo and experimentation, where you tested gravity by dropping objects of different weights. This folded right in with what we were already learning, and we were able to add in the extra history and fun of an experiment, background information on Galileo, and watch a biography about him. This extra learning took very little time because all the information, ideas, links and worksheets were all provided with the curriculum, and the activities were low fuss and FUN!

History Rocks

I did find some of the men covered in the book to be irrelevant to my family (and in the grand scheme of history!) instead of world changing (for example, the man who created “The Simpsons”). Enchanted Homeschool Mom created a unit for every last person in there, so while I may never use that particular unit, there are still over 400 pages and 40+ units for me to choose from. Each family is going to have different interests and needs, and I can see why a unit on the Simpsons or the X-games would be a huge perk to older children. There really is something for everyone in this program.

Everything I have seen from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom is an amazing quality. This particular curriculum is over 400 pages long. There is so much “meat” here that she could easily charge 20 dollars for just THIS program. But- she doesn’t. When I first received this product and got started with it, I messaged her telling her how wonderful it was, and suggested that she “not sell herself short with it.” I was surprised, and humbled, that her response was that she knew homeschoolers were on tight budgets, so she was happy offering them for her low price of 15 dollars for everything.

Where can I get a copy?

History Rocks is available as a part of Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s Members Only website. For 15 dollars, you will have lifetime access to all the printables and curriculum she offers. For your 15 dollars, not only will you get History Rocks Part 1, when History Rocks Part 2 (the GIRLS who changed the world!) is released, you’ll get access to that too!

The members only site has over 220+ printables, unit studies and curriculum. You can see a list of everything by clicking on the catalog here.

Or- you can WIN a free copy of History Rocks Part 1!

I am so exited to be partnering with Enchanted Homeschool Mom to bring you a giveaway of her History Rocks Part 1 curriculum! Please use the raffle copter entry form below to earn chances to win! I am sure that the winner will love this program as much as I do.

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  1. This looks like a GREAT book! I think my son would really enjoy it. I’ve done ALL THE THINGS, so I will look forward to seeing if I win! 🙂

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