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Today we were at the library and Bug picked up this book:

All in Just One Cookie

All in Just One Cookie- Susan E. Goodman

 This book is AWESOME. Not so much as a sit down, snuggle on the couch kind of read aloud, but for a whole days worth of lessons! The gist of it is the grandkids are coming over, so grandma is going to make some cookies. While she is cooking, her home full of animals are explaining where the ingredients came from and how they are made.

IF we were in a home right now, we would be making some chocolate chip cookies (the recipe is right in the back of the book!). We would learn all about the ingredients, and look on the map to see where they were made. I can not wait to get in a home with an oven so we can spend a day doing this.

Check it out, I bet you’ll love it!

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  1. Hi there, just welcoming you to Germany. We’re a US-German family with four kids and homeschooling since March. My husband works for USAID as a contractor, so we move around a lot. I saw your blog on the MBTP FB page and since we are in Germany for the holidays, I wanted to say welcome! Hope you like it here and if you have a question, just ask me, I’d be happy to help.

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