Field Trip Friday: Reichsburg Cochem, Germany

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This week, we took Nana and Oompa (like an Oompa Loompa…. yes, I know it doesn’t make sense) to the Moselle Valley to see the cute towns and castles in the region. We stopped in Cochem to visit their beautiful castle on top of a high hill. When you pull into the town, you can’t help but feel like you are walking into a fairytale town.

cocheim (6)

Touring the Castle was the highlight of our trip. It is a reconstruction of the medieval castle on the outside, but the inside was built in the 1800’s and looks like a typical chateau of that time period. It was full of medieval armor, furnishings from the 1800s, and secret passageways.

  cocheim (5)

Walking up to the castle cocheim

Inside the courtyard cocheim (4)

Overlooking the town- the tour guide made it clear that this is NOT a frog. It’s a lion with armor on. Still looks like a frog with lion feet to me!
cocheim (3)

Just one of the many suits of armor– Did you know the act of saluting we still use in the military today originated from the movement of flipping up the faceplate on armor like this?
lucky The quote written on the wall in this room (in German) said “not everything beautiful needs to be useful”

Field Trip Friday

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