Family Friendly Video Camera {Intova Sport HD II Review and GIVEAWAY!}

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A family friendly video camera- intova sport HD II

I take tons and tons of pictures, but my big camera is just too heavy, too expensive, and too difficult for me to share it with the kids. I really wanted a camera sturdy enough for my kids to use, but quality enough to produce videos we can cherish, so when I had a chance to review the Intova Sport HD II Camera, I couldn’t have been more excited. This camera has been just fabulous for my family. Bug is 7, and loves to take pictures. The Sport HD II is small enough and light weight enough for him to carry around, and easy enough to use that he is getting to make beautiful videos of the things he wants to remember.

The first time we took this camera in the water, the kids were all over it. All of them were SO excited to give it a try and see what it could do. It’s amazing how waterproof it is. It can be used up to depths of 200 feet. Of course, we didn’t take it that deep, but no water got into the housing, and the picture underwater (as you can see) is clear. You open the housing with the red side lock, which is surprisingly easy to open once you know how. The latch is made in such a way that you couldn’t accidentally pop it open, but when I needed to pull the camera card out to put in my other camera, it was quick and easy to switch.

Bug loves toting this around town with him in Budapest. It was so nice for him to be able to film anything he found interesting as we walked around. He found some really neat things to film! This video is of the Changing of the Guard, and he was able to get himself a good spot in the crowd. It’s very light weight (only 6.3 oz), so he didn’t tire of carrying it, even on the long 3 hour walking tour we took. The internal battery charges with a USB cord, and lasts 3 hours running with the LCD screen turned off, which was plenty of time for everything we wanted to film during the day.

Because the camera is so small (less than 3 inches wide/deep/tall), we were able to use it to get some really neat videos at the zoo. It fit well between the chain link fence and bars on the exhibits so we got shots without bars and fences in the way. The lens is 140 degree wide angle, with an aperture of f2.4, which means that it gets a nice big shot (I could fit a whole building, or giraffe in the shot without needing to be far away) with good clarity. At the 1080p HD resolution, the camera does not zoom in, but there are 4 other modes, and it can zoom when on those settings.

My favorite feature is how versatile it is. We’ve used this camera all over the place. The last couple months, we’ve been working on learning to swim, but my Hubby and extended family just aren’t able to make it to the pool with us to see. I can’t bring my big camera into the pool for fear of ruining it. But I could take the Sport HD II! I love that I got this video of Little Miss swimming in the deep pool and can now share it with everyone we know. This camera can go anywhere, and I don’t have to worry about it.

Intova Sport HD II Giveaway and Review

Our Sport HD II has been toted around the city by two little boys. It’s been dropped more times than I really want to admit. It’s been taking in a pool, and toted around underground. It’s gone to the zoo, and the circus. I never once worried about it. I never had that pit in my stomach worrying that it was going to be dropped. I never had to warn the boys to be careful, and I never needed to tell them to stop being creative with the camera.

This is definitely a winner if you are looking for a family friendly video camera. You can see all the Intova Sport HD II specifications and technical information here. If you’re going to pick one up for yourself, make sure to grab a 32 gig class 10 mini-SD card to use with it, so you can hit the ground running when you get it home!

You can pick one up a Sport HD II camera on Amazon for about $150 dollars, or, if you are a military family, AAFES is running a special right now for this camera for $119 dollars (call your BX/PX ahead, not all stores carry it). Or…. Win one here on Only Passionate Curiosity!

Intova Sport HD II Giveaway: Enter to Win!

I am super excited to be partnering with Intova to giveaway one Sport HD II camera to one of my lucky readers. This is a perfect holiday gift for just about anyone, so the timing is right! All you need to do is use the Raffle Copter form below to get your name in the hat. You don’t have to do all the entry choices, but the more you do, the better your chances of winning! The last three choices, sharing on Facebook, tweeting about the giveaway, and pinning on Pinterest can be done daily!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Chances to Win:

Intova is giving away one camera a week this month on their Facebook Fan page, so if you really want a Sport HD II, you can head over there and enter to win! That means you have 5 chances this month to win a camera! Whoo Hoo!


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  1. We would use it for everything. My girls record themselves on their ipods when they are practicing piano, so they can replay it and hear their mistakes. A video camera would make it so much easier for them.

  2. How awesome this would be to take along with my two boys. My oldest (9 year old) would really enjoy this, especially the underwater feature in the summer during pool season! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  3. My daughter has decided she wants her own video camera for Christmas, and this would be perfect! I envision lots of fashion shows as well as several Lego videos her little brother makes. Thanks for all you do, Heather!

  4. for my daughters, because they always are looking at new ways to craft and make things – i think digital art is going to be the next level!

  5. This would be an amazing addition to our homeschool! we just started on this adventure and im stuck using my cell phone to try and capture all the wonderful ‘firsts’ we are experiencing. thank you for the chance to win!

  6. My kiddos would love this! We take tons of pics and make journals of our adventures. How fun to incorporate photos they took with their own camera! Plus he can learn photography skills on the way!

  7. If I win I will give this to my daughter for her to help me blog and take pictures of our family. she has been using her fisher price for along time.

  8. How fun! My daughter is currently making videos of reptile care. She would love to use this (and I would love to use it for family videos!) Thanks for hosting!


  9. This would be a Christmas gift for my son, who is 10. He loves to post videos on Youtube of himself playing video games. He also does video game console reviews. He would LOVE this!! Our little Flip camera recently broke. Now he has to use my regular Canon camera for his videos. But this video camera would be perfect for his uses!!

  10. I’d love something like this to let my son take lots of videos. He loves making little videos with his friends and toys but don’t always want to give him our main camera!

  11. This looks great! We could take it to the beach and the pool. My son is always asking to take pictures there but I am afraid to get our regular camera wet.

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