A Waldorf Homeschooler’s Oak Meadow Wishlist

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Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow doesn’t often have sales (just a couple of times a year) but when they do, I spend a good amount of time window shopping in their store and drooling over all the things I’d like to buy.

My Wish List


The Heart of Learning 

This is an awesome little book if you are just getting started with homeschooling and are looking into Oak Meadow and the broader Waldorf philosophy. While Oak Meadow is not purely-waldorf, it is rooted in some of the nature-centered, child-friendly ideals. This book is so helpful in understanding the rhyme and reason behind the curriculum, and will also help you establish a rhythm for your family life that will support learning.


Math Gnomes

These are new, and oh my gosh, I want them. When we first did Oak Meadow 1 with Mr. Man I looked all over Etsy for some math gnomes, and never did find a set I liked (or could afford). These little guys are fun, and will help you teach basic math concepts.


Beeswax Crayons

When we lived in Germany, I had easy access to all the fabulous beeswax crayons. Now that we are back in the states, my store is running low, and Oak Meadow has some of the best prices you’ll find for these awesome crayons.


Create-a-Story Creative Writing Game

I hadn’t seen this in the shop before! We love games and I don’t know anything about this one, other than I am always game (harharhar) for fun in our homeschool day.


All Year Round

This book is awesome if you are still trying to establish traditions for your family. There are fun activities, crafts and recipes in this book to help you celebrate the year with your kids.


Healthy Living From the Start

We have this book already, but I love it so much that I had to put it on the list. This is a complete curriculum (four years worth!). It covers everything from health and safety to life skills in an easy to teach way.



Craft Kits

All the craft supplies. And the main lesson books. I need them all!



This is a given. We’ve used Grades 1, 3, 4, and 5 now, and I can’t tell you how much I love them. Bug will be ready for Oak Meadow 6 next year, so of course, it’s on my wishlist! If you are looking for a flexible program that won’t take over your day, and a curriculum that is adaptable to wiggly kids and creative kids, then this is the program for you!







Whatever you choose to get, act fast, the sale only lasts through Monday! Use the code “GoOut10” and save!

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