Mother Goose Time Monday: A Closer Look at the Online Resources

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This post falls more into the “review” category rather than a “check out how cute Little Miss is doing school” … so before I get started, here is one adorable shot from the past week.


awwww. Big Brother acting as my helper monkey during craft time! His job was to help make sure the paint stayed on her project instead of the wall behind her, because she was a bit of a crazy-pants this week. Three isn’t for the weak, y’all.

So, on to business. I know you have seen the Big Fat Mother Goose Time review, but at the time I posted that, they didn’t have their new online resources part of their website, so I wanted to take a moment to amend that review with this new part of the program.

Mother Goose Time Online Resources

When you open up your teachers manual, the access code for the website for the month is printed on the bottom of the table of contents. All you need to do to access your online goodies is head on over to the Mother Goose Time website, and click on the Member Resources tab at the top of the screen, and enter you access code.

There are a bunch of neat things in this section. Little Miss’ favorite are the daily coloring sheets I can print off for her. Next month, I am planning on printing them in advance, and binding them with my pro-click into a little coloring book for her to use in her free time. I love that it’s one more thing that will keep her learning even outside of formal lesson time, and especially with our “holiday school” schedule, she’ll stay on theme with Winter Wonderland and have an even better experience for the holidays. Because of the way the downloads are set up, I can actually print off extra copies of the coloring pages for my other children too, so the big kids don’t have to be left out of the fun.

Mother Goose Time Coloring Pages

The other resource in the member resources area that I really like is the book list. There is a printable sheet that gives you additional book selections, organized by daily theme. I love to consult this list in my planning to put books on hold at the library (or to just dig them off my shelves!). So far, I have had good luck finding the selections, many are well known books, and all of them have been high quality.

Mother Goose Time Book List

Some of the other things included in this section are organizational print offs to help you plan, like the daily calender of activities (there is a blank one in the printed materials sent to you- so you can rearrange/pick and choose/tailor the program to your kids and lifestyle) but the pre-made daily calender is here if you prefer to just have a check-off list of everything in order. There are also ideas for bulletin board themes, field trips suggestions, and resources for Spanish speakers included in this section, which are especially helpful if you have a bilingual classroom.

And- that’s about that! It’s a new resource, but it’s one I am glad to have (especially the coloring pages and book list!). Back to the cute pictures!


Showing Daddy her Snake


Lots of active play with the animals of the rainforest this week- she’s slithering and hissing on the ground


Can I tell you how clever these little bubble wrap mitts are? So much easier than trying to stamp the traditional way.


Her parrot



Pretending to be a bird, cheeping and flapping her wings



Exploring texture with the feathers


Last but not least- today when I was pulling out our materials, Em got her hands on the ad for next month’s box, and she is SO excited about the winter theme. All day long she has been asking if we can build a snowman. Snow hasn’t hit our part of the country yet, so she’s going to have to wait a little bit longer- but in the meantime, she can get excited about the winter wonderland theme!

MGT Blog Transparent

We received our Mother Goose Time curriculum free as part of their Blog Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.



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