Mother Goose Monday: Little Miss Learns to Color

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It’s so funny what little things a Mom can get excited about. This week, I am terribly excited about this:

I have never had a child who will color. My six year old STILL doesn’t color within the lines (he’s just not an in-the-lines kind of kid). Neither boy would sit to do anything as a toddler/preschooler. This week though, Little Miss rocked my world, and became a kid who colors.

She did a lot of this:

DSC_0223And this:


Do you see how intensely focused she is?

She’s become fully obsessed with coloring. We did do a lot of other activities with Mother Goose Time this week, but the biggest accomplishment is her new coloring skills. She will sit for almost a full hour at a time, and color every last spot on her paper with neat little lines. It’s amazing to watch.

She even got upset with Mr. Man, who did some of our lessons with her this week, when his “Kindness Feather” was not as perfectly colored as hers was. When he was finished, she took it, and colored in the rest of the blank spots for him. Luckily, he didn’t mind much!

I’m so excited to see her blossoming with Mother Goose Time. I love having something to do with her during the day that doesn’t add any stress to my schedule, and it’s amazing to see her learning and growing. Last month, she struggled with some of the lessons. This month, she’s a pro.

She’s even getting better at tracing lines, and rocked her pre-writing practice sheet. AND, she wrote the letter Q. I thought it was amazing.

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