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Total Home Makeover

A few months ago, I shared a chore management tool I’ve been having wonderful success with. I really love having something tangible to help me with my cleaning routine, but the more time that went on, the more I realized I needed more help to get my home in order. I needed to get the house organized and decluttered so it would be easier to follow my nifty chore planner, and I needed to get my family on board. I was really lucky to be contacted by Renee Metzler, an author who wrote a book designed to help people like me. Renew Your Space and Spirit, Total Home Makeover is a 20 day plan that is helping me get my home (and life) from being out of control, to being much more manageable.

I don’t know if you’re anything like me. Well, scratch that, I know there are lots of people out there like me. I’m not a dirty person. My home will not cause you to come down with an illness worthy of an episode of House. But a couple months ago, I wouldn’t have let you in if you showed up unexpectedly. I’m unorganized. I’m tired. I have bad habits. I feel overwhelmed, and tired, and frankly, out of control. I feel like it’s hopeless.

I will never have a “drop by anytime” home. I will never have the house clean, dinner cooked, and the kids educated on the same day. At least I used to feel that way.

I don’t want you guys to think I’m just telling you this because I am reviewing this book (long time readers know I don’t beat around the bush and I would tell you if something didn’t work for me). I want you guys to really know how frustrated I was- and I want you to know that this book gave me a sense of hope, and as I worked through it, I’m seeing a big difference in my home.

Renee has put together a 20 day plan that walks you through making changes, step by step. The plan is broken down into three phases:

Phase 1: Transform Self

This phase is all about changing yourself. Bad attitudes and habits are replaced with realistic expectations routines. It’s hard to make a difference in your home if you’re stubbornly standing in your own way. Personally, I was letting my fatigue be an excuse to do things half way. I was too tired, so instead of cleaning the kitchen after dinner (or even rinsing the plates), I would leave them on the counter, or worse, on the table. Lots of things were like that- but it’s just an excuse. How long does the dishwasher really take me? I timed myself one day- 3 minutes to unload. 5 to load if I am pre-washing. I needed to be proactive, and take that 8 minutes each day to get the chore done, instead of letting it all pile up to become a much bigger chore.

In this phase, I got myself on a better daily routine. I worked out a weekly routine. And I worked on meal planning to free up some time for myself.

Phase 2: Transform Family

This phase acknowledges that you aren’t in this alone. At least you shouldn’t be. You can’t force your family to help you around the house, but you can train children in chores and come up with reasonable chore routines for the family. This phase will help you talk to your family about responsibilities and show you how to teach your children to do chores.

Phase 3: Transform Home

This phase is my favorite, and it’s the phase I am still working on. In this phase, Renee takes you room by room, helping you de-clutter and optimize your space. The idea here is to set up your home in a logical way, so it’s easier to maintain. You may need to purge some things. You may have to rearrange a little- for example, in my room, I needed “zones” that made sense- a place to sleep, a place to dress, a place to relax. Having the closet and mirror and dresser all over the place made it too easy for me to leave clothing all over the place.

This section is very detailed- and this is where the real value in this book lies for people like me. Each room has suggestions for things to look for, ideas for organizing, and tricks to maximize your space.

Total Home Makeover- a plan that works

In a Nutshell:

This book isn’t a checklist, and isn’t just for encouragement. It’s a real plan that will help you tackle your mess- both your home, and your attitude. Each day starts with a pep talk from your personal coach, and will give you a step by step plan to take control of your home. It’s real work, and it works. It is Christian based and includes a devotional section as part of the self-transformation goal. It can still be successfully used by secular homemakers (and working mothers, and fathers, and everyone really, needing a change). This book is encouraging, and helpful, and totally worth the $11.99 if you need help getting yourself, your family, and your home under control. You can purchase the book from Renee’s website, or from Amazon in paperback and kindle form (if you want to start today!).

Win a Copy of Total Home Makeover!

Renee has graciously offered one of my readers a free copy of her book- use the Raffle Copter form below to enter to win!
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  1. Oh I so needed this today! I feel so overwhelmed by my house, I am barley able to keep afloat. I have stuff piled everywhere and I feel like I just move it around in different configurations. I feel like I never have time for me between schooling the kids feeding them and trying to clean the house! I live in CHAOS and I would really like to live somewhere else!

  2. I think it’ll take more than 20 days, but I would really, really like to have a more organized (and able to stay organized) house…

  3. Biggest struggle is disorganization. We started downsizing our stuff and that’s help as well as the whole “a place for everything and everything in its place” but its still something we are working on daily.

  4. I am currently changing my job pretty big change and the amount of adults in my house just dropped to me 5 days a week. My husband would love to come home weekly and find our place more organized and I would love to have a fresh start to everything.

  5. I also laughed at the “I will never have the house clean, dinner cooked, and the kids educated on the same day.” Let’s just say my kids are very smart, and well-fed!

  6. Oh my goodness. I need something like this. I swear my family thinks we have frakking house elves up in here to do their work for them. I constantly have piles of crap everywhere, and everyone just walks by it with the idea that someone else (me, mostly. Oldest, second) will do something about it. I need this house in order before we even think of selling it, or there is NO WAY we’ll be able to move into a smaller place. If we can’t move into a smaller place, I feel we’ll be paying debt off forever. I totally feel your pain on the feeling like it’s hopeless. I’ve been taking it in baby steps, that include a lot of Goodwill drop-offs, but I need something else. Does the book smack your husband upside the head for you when he drops yet ANOTHER article of clothing on the floor in front of the emptied hamper? Maybe that’s what I need….

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